Liverpool Replacement Admission, Jurgen Klopp Sends Clear Naby Keita Transfer Memo

jurgen klopp

The 27-year-old just won’t be allowed to go because Liverpool’s management is sure that it would be impossible to replace him before the transfer window ends. With only one year remaining on his Anfield contract, Keita is rumoured to be dissatisfied with the lack of progress on a new deal. There have also been reports in Germany of keen interest from Borussia Dortmund.

Liverpool’s Management Talks On The Transfer Memo

Sadio Mane, who was in a comparable predicament at the end of last season, was sold by Liverpool to Bayern Munich when they declined to satisfy his demands for a £350,000 per week contract.


But Liverpool’s manager stated that, even though Keita may fetch a high price after joining Anfield for £52 million, there is no danger of that occurring with him. Selling Naby right now? and not a replacement? That is not feasible, I repeat! Not. However, it was not the idea, he added.

“We are finished (in the transfer market). It’s not that we don’t think a player should be replaced if he leaves. Nothing is possible. No. Naby refuses to leave, but if he did—which he will not—then obviously there must be a substitute. And yes, replacing him would be quite challenging.

Due to the injuries to Thiago, Curtis Jones, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jurgen has come under fire from various quarters, including his fanbase, for what is seen as a lack of firepower in the middle.

jurgen klopp

However, Jurgen reiterated that he “has what we need” and explained that there won’t be any new faces before the window shuts since he is still looking for the ideal target and not just any target.  Yes, we have everything we need when everyone is healthy and functioning at full capacity, but even then, he continued, “we always strive to strengthen…but it must be the perfect player.”

And if the ideal player is not available, we usually say, “Okay, let’s cope with what we’ve got before signing a guy who is not entirely the ideal player. Right. Therefore, nothing changed. We have more ailments than we anticipated right now, so it would be fantastic to bring in a new midfielder right away, of course.

The fact that we are not in control of our spending would then be added to the list of facts. We receive information and then deal with it, which is the current condition. Midfielder Fabinho asserted that Liverpool is prepared to open their campaign against Manchester United on Monday night at Old Trafford.

We are aware that this is the greatest game in the Premier League, and playing these matches is usually beneficial because the supporters are always rooting for the team to succeed. “We must triumph. We have a few days to prepare for this game and we will work, so hopefully, we will be in the best form to play against Man United at Old Trafford with the mindset to win the match.

“This is a terrific chance for us to make it three straight victories at Old Trafford. Mohamed Salah in particular had a great game in our most recent contest, which ended in a 5-0 victory for us. Hopefully, the team will remember this contest favourably as we prepare to play well at Old Trafford and hopefully win.

We are aware that winning games at the beginning of the season are crucial, but this wasn’t the case and we instead opened the season with two draws. Although the season has only begun, we already feel that we need 3 points as quickly as possible, making the matchup with Manchester United a great opportunity to resume winning.”

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