Lionel Messi’s Leaked Barcelona Contract Negotiations, Luis Suarez And Private Jet Demand

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Lionel Messi’s Leaked information from contract extension talks with Barcelona in 2020 revealed the player’s need for a private plane as well as a special request involving close friend Luis Suarez. Two years earlier, the Argentine superstar attempted to leave the Catalan club in the same summer as he was in negotiations to extend his stay there. Then, after initially remaining, he moved to Paris Saint-Germain the following year on a two-year deal.

Lionel Messi’s Leaked Documents Showing The Super Stars Demands

Lionel Messi was in negotiations to sign a new contract a year before leaving Camp Nou, but he was unsuccessful in getting out of the club by submitting a burofax, a standard legal instrument in Spain.

lionel messi


El Mundo, a Spanish newspaper, received emails between the player’s father, Jorge Mendes, the player’s attorneys, Josep Maria Bartomeu, then-president of Barcelona, and Oscar Grau, then-CEO, detailing the player’s contract requests to Barca.

All of Lionel Messi’s requests were granted by the organization, except for his request to have his €700 million (£613 million) release clause removed. The player preferred to have a symbolic €10,000 (£8,750) release should he decide to leave the club at any point; this is what ultimately happened months later.

Lionel Messi made several requests to the team, including requesting access for his family to a VIP box at Camp Nou. Additionally, he wanted his pal Luis Suarez, who was still a colleague with the Blaugrana at the time but had already joined Atletico Madrid, to have the same access to a different box at the stadium.
In addition, Lionel Messi was insistent that the team provide him access to a private plane so he could fly his family to Argentina for the Christmas holidays and back.

Lionel Messi also demanded a €10 million (£8.75 million) signing bonus in exchange for agreeing to a new contract and recouping the pay cut he had taken during the pandemic with a three per cent interest rate. He had hoped that the two separate 10% raises over the following two seasons, together with the interest rate, would offset his 20% fixed pay drop in the 2020–21 season.

In one of the emails Lionel Messi’s father sent to Alfonso Nebot, the manager of the office responsible for overseeing the superstar’s money, as the negotiations stalled, Lionel Messi’s Father said that they should feel the weight of the sword on their head. Lionel Messi demanded to leave the club that summer, and those were the factors that brought up his desire.

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