Latest methods on how to transfer airtime on MTN

how to transfer airtime on MTN

How to transfer airtime on MTN – Do you want to know how you can easily move airtime from one of your MTN accounts to another? By taking a few easy steps that I’ll show you in this article, you can move your unused or excessive MTN airtime credit to any other MTN phone number of your choice without restrictions. With this guide, MTN mobile users can quickly and easily send money to each other by using a single code without stress. It doesn’t take much of your time as everything will be done in just a few seconds.


Latest method on how to transfer airtime on MTN

Before you’ll be able to transfer airtime you must first have some airtime credit on the mobile line you’re about to transfer from. Airtime is virtual money which is loaded into your mobile number, this airtime is bought with real cash and funded via some digits of code. Airtime is necessary for all mobile networks before you can use their service, services like making phone calls and surfing the internet through data purchased with airtime.

Credits/codes for airtime can be bought in many different ways. Almost all of Nigeria’s phone networks and internet service providers have different ways for users to give their unused airtime credits to almost any other customer, some limit the sharing to members of the same network which isn’t that good as you’ll be unable to share to someone outside your network.

 how to transfer airtime on MTN

How to transfer airtime on MTN

Transferring airtime from your MTN phone number to someone else’s MTN phone number can be done for any reason. You can do it in exchange for money or just .give it out for free. The steps on how to transfer airtime on MTN are easy but there are some things you’ll need to take note of.

Everyone in Nigeria who has an MTN account or mobile line can use this service. You should know how to use this service according to the rules that govern it, but there’s nothing to worry about as there are strict rules that would prevent you from using the service.

Before using this service, users with postpaid accounts should carefully read over the terms and conditions that apply to their accounts. Here are some of the most important rules to take note of on How to transfer airtime on MTN;

  • All airtime transactions are made in Naira, the Nigerian currency is in Naira and Kobo but only Naira can be transferred between accounts. For example, since the Kobo transactions are not supported, the amount you’ll be credited within a transaction of 100.50 would be just 100. It is just impossible to input kobo while sending.
  • As an MTN user, you have a limit of 50,000 to 100,000 Naira in a single airtime transfer transaction, and a daily transfer limit of 100,000.
  • You can only transfer MTN airtime to fellow MTN users.
  • You can only send airtime when you have enough airtime credit on your account, you can send more than your balance.
  • You can’t send when you have a negative airtime balance.

 how to transfer airtime on MTN

How to transfer airtime on MTN – Security pin

PIN codes are used by the service or network providers to make sure that only the person who is legally in charge of a certain phone number can transfer credit to another account. Stopping third parties from using the sender’s phone line through the pin codes, helps stop the sender’s phone line from being used to send airtime credits to third parties without the sender’s permission.

A personal identification number is one of the security measures by MTN. By default, the Personal Identification Number (PIN) for every MTN customer is 0000. This default PIN code can’t be used to transfer airtime. In order to be able to transfer airtime from an MTN line to another, you’ll need to reset your pin and choose a new one.

How to transfer airtime on MTN – change transfer pin

Now in order to begin transfer airtime, you’ll need to first change your pin and to do that you’ll need to dial *777# on your MTN number, after dialling, a message will pop up with three options such as;

  1. Transfer Airtime
  2. Change Pin
  3. Help

Click on the second option and you’ll be asked to input your old pin, in this case, you’re to input your default pin which is 0000, after that, you’ll be asked to input your new pin which is any digit of your choice provided it’s secure are you won’t forget it. Then lastly you’re to confirm your pin again. Alternatively, you can dial a USSD code *777*0000(default code)*newcode*newcode# Once done you’ll receive a confirmation message that your pin has been reset successfully, hence you can proceed back to *777# to transfer your airtime.

Methods on How to Transfer Airtime On MTN – USSD

USSD method 1 – Now you can go back to *777# then click on Transfer Airtime, add the recipient number, enter the amount you want to transfer, input your new pin and then proceed. You’ll get a prompt saying airtime transfer successful. You can repeat this process again to transfer more airtime while taking note of the single and daily transfer limit.

 how to transfer airtime on MTN

USSD method 2 – This is the second USSD transfer method, with this method you don’t need to respond to prompt messages as everything is done once. This is the simplest method to use, so here’s how;
Dial *777*your phone number*amount*your pin# after this you get a transfer successful message.

How to transfer airtime on MTN – SMS

You can use the short message service (777) to send a message to MTN. To do this you’ll need to type in “Transfer” on your messenger app to  777, followed by the phone number of the receiver, the amount and your PIN code.

So these are the methods on how to transfer airtime on MTN, these are proven ways that work well for all MTN users. In any case you forget your pin code you can dial *777# to change your pin and set a new pin.

How to transfer airtime on MTN.

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