The first Nigerian originals: Last one Laughing (LOL) and Gangs of Lagos

Last one Laughing

Gangs of Lagos and Last one laughing is a standup comedy reality show set to lunch months after the streamer starts a big Nigerian title licensing. These titles are owned by Greoh studios.

A film was staged in 2021 by this studio which features some incredible actors such as; Adesua Etomi-Wellington, singer Chike and Tobi Bakre. The film was directed by Jade Osiberu. The film starts with singer Chike who follows a set of friends, each of them must navigate through the stress of life to find their destiny. They had to grow up on the busy streets of Isale Eko Lagos.

Another Greoh studio release will hit its way in, and it is titled Brotherhood. The streamer in Japan and some other countries launched Last One Laughing. First, Basket mouth headlines his comedy following the suit of the Japanese streamer video. The show will be launched by the livespot360, featuring ten famous local comedians who will compete to be the last one Laughing. The winner will win a Grand prize of 40 million Naira which will be aired in 2024.

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The show is slated to be fantastic with lots of exciting events around it. I bet you won’t want to miss the last one laughing. Let me take you down memory lane; what is the show all about?

What you don’t know about the game: All about Last One Laughing

The last one Laughing is an international comedy format produced through the Amazon prime video platform. The idea was first developed in Japan. Its original name is “Hitoshi Matsumoto presents the documentary”.
The show has been broadcasted for nine seasons since 2016. The rule of the game stags on ten comedians living in one room with hidden cameras for about 6 hours. During the time stay, they must try to make their audience laugh hard.

The comedian participating must not laugh. If found Laughing at first, he will be sanctioned with a yellow card, the second time, he will be given a red card which eliminates the comedian from the game. If it is a grave offence, the player will be given an automatic red card.

The players eliminated will join the host of the game in the observation room, but he may be returned as an external challenger to the remaining gamers in the room.
If a comedian is not very active, he will be eliminated. No communication with the outside world is allowed except if monitored by the host.

What they have been keeping from you: All about Gangs of Lagos

Gang of Lagos is an excellent film that describes itself as a hard-hitting crime thriller centred on a circle of friends growing up on the streets of Nigeria’s largest city. The film features Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Tobi Bakare and child with a major direction by Jade Osiberu. The movie was produced by Kemi Lala Akindoju, and it was produced in partnership with Akin Omotoso.

The thriller movie will lunch on prime video at the international level and in Nigeria this year. This movie is centred on being domineering and exciting.

Wrapping up

Laugh out Loud (LOL) and Gang of Lagos is a shows that will premiere this year. Laugh out loud stags on an incredible TV reality show based on ten comedians who will compete with themselves by cracking jokes.

The loser is picked when he laughs, and the winner is slated to walk away with 40 million Naira. This is going to be the best show ever. Gang of Lagos is a fantastic thriller crime movie. This movie will shock the audience with amazing surprises stirring significant actors and actresses. The movie storyline portrays singer Chike in a group of friends, each of them has to navigate their path to achieve destiny.

It is ever-nourishing to know that this movie is action-packed with different accurate scenes to entertain you. I know with this, fans can’t help but anticipate the coming of the action-packed thriller movie with a reality TV show. How wonderful will it be? Seeing people frown when they are supposed to be laughing. I can’t wait for this movie to be aired cause it’s going to be incredible, and many individuals are going to benefit from these captivating storylines.

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