Labour Party admits new candidate as Salvador dumps APC

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Labour Party takes in a new candidate as Moshood Salvador dumps The All Progressive Congress. The chieftain of the APC (Moshood Salvador) collapses his political group into the Labour Party. Salvador becomes the governorship candidate of the party. This happened in Lagos state.

Moshood Salvador has been a one-time chairman of PDP. He moved to the APC in Lagos before the General election in 2019. Moshood is seen to be happy to leave APC because he believes they side-lined his people’s local government, state meetings and wards.

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Labour Party’s new candidate declaration

The new labour party candidate made an open declaration stating that he moved from APC to LP. This was because the previous party was not ready to win elections. Moshood is driven by a strong desire to get to the governorship position in Lagos State.

Moshood Lamented how unfortunate he was when he joined The All Progressive Congress. He further said that the way APC behaviour urged him and his followers to move to the LP. He knows he will be at peace since LP is of his construct in Lagos.

He categorically praised the new party that it gave him and his followers a chance to become candidates at different levels.

Labour Party candidate (Moshood Salvador) laments APC’s unfulfilled promise

Moshood Salvador made an open lamentation when he declared that he moved from APC to LP. In his statement, he said his followers don’t benefit from the party. He added that APC promised his followers jobs which should amount to a hundred.

He also complains that the APC promised to give him a special adviser and commissioner position. In light of these promises, none was fulfilled. He quoted that they sidelined his followers. With the unkind attitude of APC, he was forced into the Labour Party. At this point, he has no choice but to do the needful.

He was happy to join Labour Party because of the opportunity the party give to them which was denied them in their previous political party. He made a citation of party members approaching him to run as the governorship candidate in Lagos State. Moshood assured that his party’s victory is sure since no one is interested in the APC.
The deputy chairman of the LP as appealed to the party members to support the governorship candidate (Moshood Salvador). He said further that he welcomes him to the family putting to his face that he needs to work for the success of the party since the previous leaders failed.

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