Kim Jong Un claimed North Korea is ready to use its nuclear war deterrent

Nuclear War

Nuclear War – North Korea is ready to use its nuclear war deterrent as the country is fully ready for any military confrontation says Mr Kim Jong Un at the Korean war anniversary. This was reported by the state news agency (KCNA).

North Korea may be preparing for a seventh nuclear test which is a thing of concern to the populace. The United States gave a warning in the last month that Pyongyang may organise a test at any time frame. The most recent North Korean nuclear test was in 2017. Sung Kim opined that North Korea has tested so many missiles this year, that the number of missiles tested is up to 31. If compared with the 2019 record of 25, there is a significant shoot in missile production. As of June, South Korea launched eight missiles of their own.

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North Korea Nuclear War

It is believed in North Korea that they defeated the United States during a war that happened from 1950 to 1953 which ended between the states as a truce. From history till now, they mark the day they achieved victory with dancing, fireworks and military parades. Mr Kim pointed out that the United States misinterpreted North Korea’s military exercise.

The North Korean military exercise is seen as a provocation. North Korea said they are building up their self-defence. Mr Kim also addressed the South Korean counter-plan against the North Korean nuclear threat by placing precautions in the light of any attack.

Nuclear War

Nuclear war deterrent: South Korea plans a pre-emptive strike against North Korea

North Korea is angry with South Korea because of their new president who started his regime in may. The new president gives a new strategy of striking North Korea if any form of threat is perceived. The strategy put in place holds how south Korea can launch missile and air strikes on North Korea even to the point of killing the president. The strategy put in place is called a kill chain strategy.

With this strategy, North Korea can’t suddenly be outrageous as there was a warning to them from the United States since their build of a nuclear weapon is outrageous which could instigate a nuclear war.

Mr Kim says that if South Korea could launch a pre-emptive strike on his country, he said they will surely be wasted. This he said on the victorious day celebration. With the way Mr Kim speaks, he gives a clear full defence of his country, he is not scared of any oncoming war. The number of missiles and the nuclear weapon they have is enough to wipe out a country, North Korea sounds like a warning to South Korea.

South Korea is planning a counterplan to prevent a sudden invasion. North Korea is a powerful country that has its expert scientists working on indigenous weapons. In a statement by Kim, South Korea should be careful not to try anything funny because he knows the power of his country.

Nuclear War

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