Kema Ashibuogwu tells government to focus on hunger and health challenges for Nigerians


Kema Ashibuogwu urged the government to focus on the economic challenges facing the populace so that it can lessen its effect on the people.

There is a need for government to focus on health and hunger challenges the masses are struggling with, says Kema Ashibuogwu. She expresses our innate feelings by calling out to the government to pay attention to its masses. People are going through a lot of things that if spelt out, tears can’t be withheld, health and hunger major more point as it affects people a lot more.

Kema Ashibuogwu said people can barely feed themselves not to talk of going to the hospital when faced with health challenges. Individual health matters, as a proverb will say “health is wealth”. A cognizant shift to this area won’t mare the government but its quality will be valued.

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Kema calls on the government to attend to food and health challenges

Kemi figuratively said, “I want the government to focus on hunger and health”. This statement is like an echo to the government, economic fall must be attended to. She continued by opening another face statement targeting the citizens. She said, “citizens have a role to play”. She made mention of the lion club.

Lion club is a programme focused on creating awareness for juvenile diabetes, youth empowerment, childhood cancer and feeding the hungry. The programme is focused on making sure the environment is safe. Health cannot be risked as it determines the major aspect of living or dying. People generally don’t pay attention to the smoke coming from the generator which is carbon monoxide. This toxic emit can cause death. In another glare, as the smoke enters the atmosphere it can affect the number of greenhouse gases. This is connected to so much climate change and it can affect it negatively.

Major control has been linked with the planting of trees as this is one of the major practices in third-world countries. This practice enables the gas to be absorbed by the tree instead of direct contact with humans. Kema ended her talk on a note of advice to Nigerians. She said masses should consider planting trees to keep themselves safe from any type of toxic gas.

The country needs to rise again from its gross fall. The economy has been an issue of major concern that needs to be seen and focused on. An average Nigerian thinks of what he could eat or how to survive thereby going about it unpleasantly. As a matter of fact, corruption will keep progressing if no proper economic boost measure is melted out. Security men can’t do more than make arrests when people are caught trespassing but what more can they do, if people play on their intelligence and none is caught?

Although individuals as a role to play, the government should play their role significantly as this will affect the populace. We pray daily for a better Nigeria but the country is becoming more dangerous.
A leg walk to the market will show a top hike in the amount of buying goods, everything is on the edge. Fuel Price can not be crossed as it has increased incessantly, people are now living taking note of what the price of things will be before they bump into the market.

A significant drop in naira to a dollar has been another main problem as the Nigerian currency loses its value. A toe tip on this by the government pinpoints that the country will fall without a rise. Citizens should brazen up while the government should change the modality of service. A complex world dictates an instantaneous action before it gets down.

Wrapping up

Kema urged the government to focus on the economic challenge facing the people so its effects can be lessened. Kema expresses her heartfelt desire for a better Nigeria and an urgent shift to health and food challenges within the county. She expressed herself by pinpointing how people are facing a lot of things, it would be better for the government to attend to their plea.

She levied her statement out to the government and she said citizens have a role to play within the sector. The citizens are met to pay attention to the things happening around them and find a way forward. Kema ended her statement by advising the citizens to maintain proper environmental hygiene.

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