Julian Gillard: National Plan Aims To End Violence Against Children and Women

Julian Gillard

Julian Gillard released the first national plan aimed at ending domestic violence in 2010. A new 10-year plan will aim to end violence against children and women in one generation.

The long-term plan to range between 2022 – 2032 was revealed by the federal government on Monday.

Julian Gillard 2010: National Plan New Focus

The national plan is updated and will focus on recovery and engaging with men and boys. It will also stress the importance of targeting sexual violence in all settings.

“The national plan brought together states, territories and community organisations in how to end violence against women”, says the Women’s Safety Minister Amanda Rishworth.

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Julian Gillard

Julian Gillard Updated National Plan: Amanda Rishworth Told The Sky News;

“It will require a little effort, we need a sustained focus if we are going to have any chance at turning this, what is unacceptable levels of violence around. What we have drafted in this plan is there is no point putting investments in things that don’t work, so it is about investment but it’s also about a change in attitudes.”

Julian Gillard Statistical Approach

“One woman dies at the hand of her former or current partner every ten days in Australia. If three women are put together, one among them has experienced physical violence. If five women are gathered together, one among them has suffered sexual violence“.

She Continues;

There is a need for a change in conversation surrounding family and domestic violence. People do say oftentimes why didn’t she leave? How often do you hear that? The most important question to ask at this point is why does he choose to use violence against her?”

Promoting gender equality is of no need, and promoting respectful relationships is of no need. Nevertheless, all of these play an important role in addressing violence against children and women.

The new national plan will also put more focus on how gender equality drives violence against women. Area of importance includes early intervention, prevention and response not excluding recovery and healing.

Julian Gillard

Julian Gillard Updated National Plan: Kate Fitz-Gibbon Said;

The voices of survivors have been embedded into the development of the plan. it is essential that the commitment to value the qualifications of lived experience continues. it sets the ambition to create whole system responses that not only support survivors to survive but to move beyond their experience of violence.

Julian Gillard

She Said To The Abc Radio Station On Monday;

“It was important to lock this down, there has been a huge amount of work from the sector. Now we get on with getting those action plans in place and making sure the service system can respond. The ultimate focus should be placed on prevention and intervention.

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