IVD updated his Instagram DP days after his wife was burned to death

IVD, a celebrity auto-dealer, has changed his social media display photo just days after his wife, Bimbo, was burned to death. Her sister, Mama Jazz, confirmed her sorrowful demise on Instagram on Saturday, October 15.

In announcing her death, her sister accused IVD of murdering his wife. “My hands are trembling. Bimbo has left. Bimbo is gone, and so is my sister. The flames are consuming me. Haaaaaaa. IVD, you murdered my only sister. Abimbola IVD murdered my sister, IVD murdered my sister, IVD murdered my sister.”

Netizens reacted to the tragic news on various social media channels. Bimbo’s late brother, on the other hand, came forward to refute Mama Jazz’s account.

The late Bimbo’s brother says that she started the fire herself

Following a slew of problems surrounding Bimbo’s murder, her brother, Oyindamola Martins, who has been outspoken since her death, explained what happened between his late sister and IVD.

Oyindamola said in an Instagram live session with media celebrity Ifedayo Olarinde, widely known as Daddy Freeze, that the late Bimbo ignited the fire and poured kerosene on herself.


According to them, she was lighting up the entire home. This was someone who was completely in love with her spouse, and this was not the first time he had endangered himself. If she does not return, I believe she expected him to respond, “do am or no do am.”

Then she paused for a long and walked about the house, him not saying anything; he was like if you want to die, d**. Then I believe she lighted the drape, which was now on fire. They were dragging now. She’s now jacked him like an omo… You go give me this document today,” he said, pushing her off his body and against the curtain.

Oyindamola also mentioned how his late sister was burned while her husband stood by and did nothing. He bolted as soon as they found a hospital willing to treat her.

IVD Modifies DP

IVD appears to be mourning his late wife by changing his social media DP to that of Bimbo and their children. IVD has subsequently erased all of his Instagram postings.


Netizens Respond

One Stanbnx responded to the news by saying, “I’m worried for those lovely babies God gave them; I wish God comforts them and be their Mother since it’s not easy being motherless; no matter the provision from the father, Mother’s function is irreplaceable.” He was supposed to be doing this. He was meant to express regret even though he wasn’t the perpetrator. We should all realize that you can’t just Bl@me the de@d.

Another user on social media said, “Wo, na person wey die, loss.” Never, ever give your happiness to people who do not deserve it! Expect nothing in return for any sacrifice you make for someone else. Humans will continue to be human. You are the creator of your pleasure.

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