Ice Prince arrested by police for driving without a license plate and abducting an officer

ice prince

Ice Prince is a Nigerian hip-hop pop singer, who was arrested for abduction and assaulting a police officer and is scheduled for trial today, September 2.

This was confirmed by Benjamin Hundeyin, a Nigerian police superintendent and the current Public Relations Officer of the Lagos State Police Command. Hundeyin took to Twitter to tell how and when the renowned rapper Ice Prince was jailed.

He wrote: @Iceprincezamani got pulled over at 3 a.m. tonight for driving without license plates. He gave his permission for the ride to the police station. The police officer was then kidnapped, assaulted, and threatened with being thrown into the river by the suspect. He has been apprehended and will be arraigned today.

Ice Prince was arrested for driving without a license plate and kidnapping a police officer. He will be arraigned today. Remember how actor Yul Edochie said a Nigerian police officer had never harassed him? On Twitter, the outspoken director remarked that humility is the key to a nice road trip without being accosted by men in uniform.

He wrote: I do a lot of road trips, and I’ve met a number of cops along the way who have never bothered me. The key is humility. Keep your ‘don’t you know who I am attitude aside. You, like everyone else, are a citizen. Once you’ve humbled yourself, police officers will hail you as you pass.


This comes after a spokesperson for the Lagos State Police Command, Ben Hundeyin, indicated that singer Daniel Benson, professionally known as BNXN, will face punishment for attacking a police officer.

More information on Ice Prince

Panshak Henry Zamani (born 30 October 1984) is a Nigerian hip hop music artist and actor popularly known as Ice Prince Zamani or just ‘Ice Prince. He gained prominence with the release of “Oleku,” one of Nigeria’s most remixed songs of all time. 2009 saw him win the Hennessy Artistry Club Tour.

His debut studio album, Everybody Loves Ice Prince, was released in 2011. It was accompanied by three singles: “Oleku,” “Superstar,” and “Juju.” Ice Prince’s second studio album, Fire of Zamani, was released in 2013.

The hits “Aboki,” “More,” “Gimme Dat,” and “I Swear” was included on the album. On July 1st, 2015, Ice Prince was named vice president of Chocolate City. He maintained the post until 2016 when he departed the label.
Panshak Henri Zamani was born in the city of Minna as Ice Prince. He relocated to Jos, Plateau State, with his family when he was two years old. He is of Angas descent.

He attended St. Murumba College while living in Jos. In Jos, he also participated in the Science Tutorial Niger State College.

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