“I didn’t like the fact that Harrysong slept in a cell”  Soso Soberekon shares his perspective on the situation

A music executive by the name of Soso Soberekon has spoken out against the arrest of a musician by the name of Harrysong. The music executive had sued Harrysong for allegedly recruiting assassins against him.

In response to the charges, Soso Soberekon sued Harrysong for $500 million in damages for destroying his image. Police officials later apprehended Harrysong upon his arrival in Lagos. He was released, though, after apologizing to Soso.

Soso Soberekon went on an Instagram live session to provide his side of the tale, claiming that he has dismissed all allegations against him. Soso remarked that he didn’t want to go filthy with Harrysong since it’s not his style. He went on to say that he was saddened to learn that the singer was imprisoned. Soso went on to say that he had to travel from London to finish the case since it was likely to be prosecuted in court.



I don’t want to get dirty, he explained. This is not something I do. What occurred was that Harrysong apologized at the station, which was not under siege. It was unfortunate that he slept there; I didn’t enjoy the notion that he slept inside a cell at the station. He was, however, given bail. I had to get back because they were going to charge him in court, which may lead to something I couldn’t control.

Harrysong arrested in Lagos

Remember when Harrysong was detained after causing a commotion by making a false charge against his former boss?


He stated that the music boss was wanting his life while criticizing the issue of phony alliances in the Nigerian entertainment world. Soso, he said, was not his buddy because he sent individuals to assassinate him in Port Harcourt.

This stunning revelation came during an interview on the Frankly Speaking podcast, which is co-hosted by comedian Nedu. Because of his evidence, he was taken into custody the following day, on Tuesday, October 11, when he was stopped by officials at the airport..

Harrysong caved to pressure and apologized to Soso after considerable drilling and inability to give any substantiation to his assertions. The explanation for why he made the claim while he was under arrest was included in the apology that was presented to the office of the State Commissioner of Police. He withdrew all accusations against the singer after his apologies, which Soso accepted.

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