Step-by-step guide: 3 unique methods on how to take screenshots on a Hp laptop

How to take screenshots on a Hp laptop

Expose your mind to endless possibilities when using your hp laptop. Laptops generally have so many unique functions which an individual must explore. Around this functionality, taking screenshots on a hp laptop is part of them. Read the content below on how to take screenshots on Hp laptop.

Hp laptop is the latest technology widely used among people because of its durability and function. The function of the system is sophisticated and enhanced. The system graphics are top-notch.

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Screenshots are an advanced technology embedded in all systems because individuals need them during a meeting when you are having a nice time with your family via zoom, important images/information e.t.c.
You have been wondering how to take screenshots on Hp laptop. worry no more because we have searched around to walk you through the 3 unique methods to take screenshots on your hp laptop.

How to take screenshots on a Hp laptop
How to take screenshots on a Hp laptop

Step-by-step guide on how to take screenshots on hp laptop
Taking screenshots has just got a lot easier with our step-by-step guide. Every method listed is explained with its step-by-step walk-through guide on how to take screenshots on a hp laptop.

How to take screenshots on Hp laptop Method 1: Hp default

The screenshot process used here is embedded in your hp system which is the reason it is titled hp default.

  1. Spot the Fn key and print the screen key (Prt Sc).
  2. Once spotted, press the keys simultaneously, and then you will see your screen blink for some seconds. This is to show you that the screenshot has been taken successfully.
  3. Spot “This PC” click it and then click the picture, save your picture. The picture will be stored under the folder screenshots.
  4. An alternative to this is that you can press control C to copy the screenshot. From there right click and paste.

How to take screenshots on a Hp laptop Method 2: Snip and Sketch

This is another fantastic method to screenshot on your hp laptop. Using this method, take note that the pictures are saved in the laptop clipboard. From here, save them to JPG and paste them wherever you wish. See the step-by-step guide on how to screenshot on hp laptops below;

  1. Press Windows+ Shif+S to open snip and sketch tools. Take note of your cursor looks as it will change to a crosshair cursor, tap on the hp screen to take screenshots.
  2. Once this step is completed, it will be saved to the clipboard as discussed earlier.
  3. Search for an editing tool and open it, press the shortcut CTRL V to paste the screenshot.
  4. After this, you can save the screenshot.

How to take screenshots on a Hp laptop Method 3: Snipping tool

This is the best tool I have ever worked with. Screenshots can’t be easier when you get your hands on this excellent tool, their professionalism is worth it.

  1. Search snipping tool in your windows screen search box. This can be done by clicking the start button. Alternatively press windows R to open windows. Input the snipping tool in the search box.
  2. After opening it, there will be a drop-down for you to select the snip you like.
  3. After selection, the colour of your screen changes. By this, you can capture your choice. If you want to snip a particular area, press CTRL N to start.
  4. Drag the cursor to make a rectangular line. Drag out your desired area. It will screenshot and you can save it as JPG.

This is how to take screenshots on a Hp laptop without stress. Follow the steps provided under each method and thank me later.

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