4 Amazing ways on how to record a phone call on an iphone

how to record a phone call on an iPhone

Discover the best techniques on how to record a phone call on an iPhone without trespassing.

iPhone call recording has just gotten easier with the latest technology trend. An individual can take note of valuable information without penning down. Come to think of taking note of that important meeting without writing. Humans naturally do miss essential information when penning down. With the aid of a phone recorder, every single piece of information will be taken note of as you can revisit the record as many times as possible.
Information reliability has just got easier.

Recording a phone call has been used in many ways such as curbing crimes, remembering important information for an occasion e.t.c. Technology has evolved with human beings trying their best to make use of the technology effectively. This written piece is going to scrap the 4 amazing ways how to record a phone call on an iPhone. This piece will explain the steps of how effectively you can use them.

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Trespassing has been a major issue in some states as their laws do not support recording people’s calls without their consent. If this is done you can be charged for it in the law court and I know you wouldn’t want that for yourself. Safety guides say that the other party must be informed and must give his consent before you start recording the phone call. If consent is withdrawn, you cannot record the phone call. If forcibly done, he/she will certainly be penalized. Sit back while I show you how to record a phone call on an iPhone.

4 ways how to record a phone call on an iPhone

There are so many fantastic ways an individual can record a phone call, this article is going to show you the best way to record phone calls with easy walk-through steps.

1. How to record a phone call on an iPhone – Two iPhones

iPhones generally can’t record a phone call without a third-party phone. The third-party phone could be an iPad or any other iPhone. If you find yourself around a computer, that can also be used to do the recording. The phone you use is not the problem, make sure you follow this guide so as not to make a mistake. Gaze into the steps needed for this method;

  1. Call your contact and tap on the speaker icon: At this junction let the other person know you are recording the calls so that you won’t be trespassing. His privacy matters a lot, especially within a state where laws are given against it. Your iPhone has a speaker icon, tap on it to start the journey.
  2. Place the other iPhone: Be reminded that you can’t use one iPhone to do the recording and also make calls with it. It is generally built not to allow such due to state laws. Place the second phone/device close to the iPhone you are using to make the call. Stay physically close to the voice if you want your voice to be recorded as well.
  3. End call: After an individual must have finished making his/her call, it is important to end your call.
  4. Save recording: After you have ended your call, save your recordings. If you want the record to be on your used device, use the share application to transfer the recording.

2. How to record a phone call on an iPhone – Google Voice

This is an application used to record phone calls effectively. The app is widely used in the United States and Canada as these is the location the app can function. The app gives an individual a free phone number, voice mail, inbox, and the ability to make calls domestically and internationally. While using this method, do not set up your google voice account for a workspace. If you do, necessary features won’t be made available to you. See the listed ways how to record your phone calls using an iPhone;

  1. Download Google voice: The number 1 step to follow is to download Google Voice for free on your iPhone from the google play store.
  2. Launch the application after the download, then, sign up using your Google account.
    After the sign-up tap search. Select the phone number you want to be used with Google Voice.
  3. Click next until you are asked to enter your phone number. At this level, type in your iPhone number. Click confirm and then wait for the verification code.
  4. A code will be sent to your iPhone, use the code to verify your Google voice set up.
  5. At this stage, tap your Google voice to open, then log in to your account. Select the gear icon In the upright corner of the application to open the settings menu.
  6. Now, click the call tab menu which is located on the left side of the page. At this point, enable the incoming call option by tapping on the widget on the right.
  7. Go to your voice account, at this point you will be able to press 4 on your iPhone keyboard to start recording. Google will notify the user at the other end that the call is being recorded. Go to your Google voice inbox to download the recording for safekeeping.

3. How to record a phone call on an iPhone – Voice mail

This is a microphone app for recording audio on your iPhone. This application works best based on your phone functionality.

  1. Tap the phone app to open, then tap the voicemail tab. This tab is located at the bottom right corner of your phone.
  2. Based on your iPhone functionality, if you see a list of voice mail appear then it gives room for you to download.
  3. If you see only call voice mail, that’s not good enough. This means you won’t be able to download the voicemail. At this point to get access to your voice mail, you will need to call the voice mail all the time for a playback session.

4. how to record a phone call on an iPhone – Rev call recorder

This third-party application is for US residents. Tap on the app to open.

  1. Add your phone number and confirm it when prompted to do so. You’ll need to enter a code sent to you.
  2. After that, tap the start recorded call button, then choose an incoming call or outgoing call. For outgoing calls, call the Rev recorder service then call the person you will like to speak with.
  3. After this, then make sure the person picks, then tap merge calls to start the record.
    After you have completed the call, the Rev recorder will alert you when the record is ready to be downloaded.

Note: You can’t rely on the application as calls are recorded in the company server.
However, Don’t forget to make sure you seek consent from the person you are calling to avoid trespass. This is how to record a phone call on your iPhone without stress.
how to record a phone call on an iPhone

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