“Help your village people first” Nigerian celebrities blast Jaruma for wanting to adopt IVD & late Bimbo’s children

On the topic of IVD and the offspring of the late Bimbo, a large number of Nigerian celebrities have taken to social media to voice their disapproval of the infamous sex enhancement herbs seller Hauwa Saidu, better known as Jaruma.

Jaruma had previously revealed on her social media page that she wanted to adopt and care for two IVD and Bimbo’s five children. She will purchase citizenship for them in exchange for a slew of additional perks. Some accused her of being vengeful, while others pushed her to support her family and accidents.

I can’t advise someone how to spend their money or express affection, but you can do all of these things without adopting the kids, according to OAP Do2dtun. According to the Brother’s talk, they come from a very sustainable family. So all she has to do is empower the family and get involved in their life without adopting them. It is not necessary to separate them. Assist the family in training them under their house. It provides equilibrium for the children. Not even two of them. If you can’t help with these few coordinated guidelines, it’s time to cap.



According to what Nkechi Blessing has written, “There are so many children out there right now that need help…why wait till now?” Eda ashachieveMiriam Oyakhilome writes, “Someone begged those to whom she had previously given money to return her.” The youngsters are already anxious; they do not require further stress.

“Jaruma, all the youngsters in your community have finished getting cake e from them,” Uchennannanna wrote. I’m also sure some of your family members require assistance. “Biko, face them.”

“There are so many youngsters out there without “any” family with a cent to train them through school,” Drbtgar remarked. There are youngsters in Nigeria’s flooded districts. I’m just expressing it gently.

How Bimbo died; IVD

Bimbo, the celebrity auto dealer’s wife, died in the capital, according to NewsGist24. Mama Jazz, her sister, shared the terrible news on Instagram on Saturday, October 15. In announcing her death, her sister accused IVD of murdering his wife.

IVD released videos of the damage to his home, which he blamed on his wife. According to reports, Bimbo confronted her husband IVD about the regular beatings she was experiencing on Wednesday, October 12, 2022, and a fight ensued.

As a result of the argument, their house was set on fire. Bimbo had serious burns and was sent to the intensive care unit, while IVD supposedly escaped with minor injuries.

After being chastised on social media by the deceased’s sister, who claimed he murdered Bimbo and watched her burn to death while recording, IVD posted footage on his Instagram profile showing extensive damage to his home. His late wife may be heard in the state backdrop of one of the houses, “You’re a little man, HIV positive, ritualist.”

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