“He snatched our property and left me heartbroken. Grace Jimoh, Yomi Fabiyi’s baby mama, reveals and drags the actor

grace jimoh

Grace Jimoh, the controversial actor Yomi Fabiyi’s baby mom, has begun shaming him on social media. The mother of one is back at it, exposing the horrible deed he did to her.

According to reports, in June, Yomi Fabiyi and Oreofe Grace Jimoh parted a year after they started dating. Glover, a faceless blogger, stated that the star had packed up his residence for her. Grace Jimoh had contacted the blogger to reveal disturbing truths about her marriage.

Grace Jimoh alleged the actor hauled her to court and pretended to be a victim. Yomi Fabiyi, according to her, was using the mistake she made with how she handled their first marital issue against her.

However, we investigated their Instagram accounts to corroborate the rumour and discovered that the pair was no longer following each other. Yomi Fabiyi currently has only 23 followers, and Oreofe Grace Jimoh Fabiyi is not one of them. Similarly, Oreofe does not follow the actor.

Last month, they pulled each other into filth by spilling the dirt. We believed everything was resolved. Grace Jimoh Fabiyi, on the other hand, returned to shaming him on social media.

When the aspiring actress returned to the flat she formerly lived with after visiting her family in the East, she confessed that he had packed the furniture and equipment. Grace Jimoh alleged that the actor removed her generator and left her and her children in the dark. During their courtship, she recalled Yomi pressuring her to get rid of her possessions.

“I had to go to Imo so that everything could be quiet and so that I could have some company, which you messaged and asked if I had moved to Imo, but I told you no, that I went to Imo so everything can be calm and died down, Yomi, after all, I told you, you still came and packed every damn thing we already shared, and you later came to pack the share you gave us, we do sleep in darkness if there is no light.


I can’t cook if there’s no light because I bought a hot plate that I’m using, and you removed the phone you gave me as a present when I gave birth, and I’ve already given away the old phones I was using. You were still the one who requested me to leave or sell the properties I was utilizing at school, including gen and a few others.”

Grace Jimoh confessed in an earlier post that she was depressed. She refuted the actor’s claim that she was used as a prop and that the pregnancy was staged. Grace Jimoh chastised the actor for being unconcerned about her mental health. According to the article, Yomi Fabiyi spoke up about the purported marital issues between him and his baby mama, Grace Jomoh Fabiyi.

Yomi Fabiyi questioned how a nameless and criminal blogger could allow his baby mom, whom he characterized as a violent, blackmailer, and pitiful liar, to trash him in front of such a large audience.

He said that as the mother of his kid, he treated her with utmost dignity, respect, and support. Yomi Fabiyi went on to say that he was only married once and for ten years. In a roundabout way, the actor implied that he was never married to Grace Jimoh.

Should one stupid, cowardly, faceless quack, a criminal blogger who flouts all moral laws and attracts violent blackmailers and pitiful liars as readers have any bearing on me? I paid complete homage, respect, and support to a woman’s body that gave birth to me. I’ve only been married once, ONES, and it lasted ten years.”

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