Hans Niemann Has Been Accused By Magnus Carlsen For Cheating In More Than Hundred Games

Hans Niemann

Hans Niemann ‘a chess player’ has been alleged to cheat in more than a hundred games online. Nevertheless, there is no evidence supporting this accusation. Chess.com says Hans Niemann may have cheated in more games than people have purported. The company did not find any evidence to back their sayings.

In Hans Niemann’s expenditure when he was young, he accepted he cheated in informal games but denies not doing such a thing in a competitive game. Hans Niemann ’19’ has accused chess.com and Carlsen of trying to ruin his career. This he said to the BBC when he was approached by them.

Hans Niemann

Hans Niemann: How It All Began?

The scandal against Hans Niemann all started last month, after he defeated his opponent Carlsen who was considered to be a very good player at the Sinquefield cup.

It was seen that the Norwegian veiled accusations of cheating against him before he was confronted by the open accusation last week.

Hans Niemann

Hans Niemann: Chess.Com Opens Investigation

A 72-page investigation has been produced by Chess.com to look into Hans Niemann’s game on the website. The website is known by the World’s top players. The online website bans Niemann for allegedly cheating. The website claimed it is possible he started cheating in 2020. They believe he only cheats when he is facing a popular champion or prize money event.

Chess.com analysed Niemann’s moves and said his moves are likened to that suggestion from computers. The company knows that computers are far stronger and better than all the players. In analyses, they said he had cheated in more than a hundred games including prize money events. They believed he cheated in some of his matches at the age of 17. They said he was streaming in 25 of his games.

With the report at hand, Niemann’s statement contradicted the analysis made by the investigators. Hans Niemann’s results are extraordinary says Chess.com. Despite this, there is no direct evidence that he had cheated his way to winning Carlsen.

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Hans Niemann

Hans Niemann: Carlsen Statement

Carlsen spoke last week, he said he had become suspicious of Niemann because he has made extraordinary progress in recent years. Some people heat up in arguments as they believe his progress is comparable to other top junior players.

The online website believes that certain aspect of the game was manoeuvred. The website noticed anomalies in Han Niemann improvement rate. He was seen to have scaled the chess leaderboard from the 800th position to the top 50 best players in less than two years.

They believed this improvement occurred very fast in this modern history. The website also denied all acquaintances with Niemann. Carlsen said he will not play Niemann and earlier this month went back to protest after a single move when they reached one another. Han Niemann said he is clean and can play naked if that is required for them to believe.

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