Calls For Medical Health Were Ignored As Guo Jingjing Died In China After She Was Quarantined Due To Covid 19

Guo Jingjing

“Our calls for medical help were ignored,” says the family of Guo Jingjing ’14’ who died after being put in a covid quarantine centre. The family now demands justice.

Guo Jingjing: What Happened

Guo jingjing ‘age 14’ developed a fever two days ago after being taken to the centre in Ruzhou, Henan province in the last week Friday.

She was seen in a video shaking and convulsing on a bed. This sparked an outcry online in China which holds onto strict pandemic controls.

The family of the girl had shared clips appealing for help and accountability.

Guo Jingjing: BBC Calls

The BBC has contacted the officials and they are yet to make a comment on the cause of  Jingjing’s death as it remains unclear.

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Guo Jingjing

Guo Jingjing Video

Her father in the video he made said; “workers had failed to provide any treatment to Jingjing as her condition worsened.

In a video uploaded to Duoyin (china version of TikTok), On Sunday, Jingjing started convulsing, shaking and dehydrated.

“Health workers at the centre took no care of her, no one even inquired”.

Past 48hrs

Mr Jingjing and another video uploaded by his aunt calling for justice have been increasingly censored in the past 48 hours.

He said;

” I am requesting the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and Discipline Inspection Commission come down to investigate the Ruzhou government’s neglect so that the life of my daughter can be given back”.

Guo Jingjing

Guo Jingjing Death Confirmed

The death and the circumstances surrounding Guo’s death have been confirmed. The girl’s condition had grossly deteriorated on Monday afternoon which prompted the family to move her to Ruzhou No.4 hospital that very evening.

Nevertheless, before she got to the hospital, she is already in a critical condition and she couldn’t be saved.

Guo’s death and the circumstances surrounding her death have created an outpouring of anger online. It portrays people expressing anger over her treatment and criticising President Xi Jinping’s Covid policies, which are unpopular with many people in China.

One user said;

“I am so angry. Why didn’t they just give her a [medicine] pill?”

Another said;

“It’s always like this. Nothing will ever change.”

Guo Jingjing: A Reference Was Made

A reference was made to a bus crash in September where twenty-seven people were killed as they were been transported by boat to a quarantine facility. The case cited here has not been reported in the Chinese media. People call it a blackout

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