Graham Potter makes his decision about signing Cristiano Ronaldo in January after Tuchel’s refusal


Again, Cristiano Ronaldo has been at the centre of all the most recent football news stories because of his actions and challenges at his present club Manchester United.

Even though Cristiano Ronaldo will go down in history as one of the best players of all time, he seems to always be surrounded by controversy.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s second time at Manchester United was more of a nightmare than a dream come true, during the recent week he has been interviewed several times and in the interviews, he gave to Piers Morgan this week, he seemed to take aim at everyone and everything that bothered him about his time in Manchester United.

He wants to leave the club, which makes sense, and it looks like Man United will let him. Where does he plan to go, though?

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There were rumours that Chelsea wanted to sign him over the summer, but Thomas Tuchel said that he wouldn’t want Ronaldo in his team. Now it’s Graham Potter’s turn. Will Graham Potter sign him?

Popular football media Sky Sports says that Graham Potter doesn’t like the idea of signing the Portuguese International, which, as you might expect, makes it unlikely that he will do so.

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