Graham Potter Avoids Questions On the Transfer Target Of Cristiano Ronaldo But Discussed Rafael Leao’s Transfer

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Graham Potter earlier stated that he wouldn’t discuss players from other teams, but amid current transfer rumors, he has praised Rafael Leao of AC Milan.

As the Blues defeated the Italians last week in advance of their rematch on Tuesday night, the new Chelsea manager, who has only been in the position for a few weeks, earned his first Champions League victory. Since he switched from Brighton to Chelsea, Graham Potter has been the subject of numerous inquiries.

Graham Potter Talks About Rafael Leao’s Transfer 

One of them is the potential impact of his presence on the club’s hiring practices. To upgrade their roster, Chelsea spent a record amount of money in the summer on players like Raheem Sterling and Wesley Fofana. Todd Boehly, the new owner, was very interested in Cristiano Ronaldo.


His move to Stamford Bridge was doused by Thomas Tuchel, who didn’t share his enthusiasm for the idea. Thomas Tuchel said that Graham Potter’s arrival might alter things, but up until now, he had refused to consider it. He said that they can talk about these issues for the rest of the day, but he won’t and he won’t speak to them if they are not their players.

Graham Potter has been open to discussing Milan’s excellent forward, who continues to draw attention, despite taking that stance, if only temporarily. Leao has four goals in 11 games this season after scoring 14 goals in Milan’s Serie A championship season.

When asked about the Portuguese celebrity, Graham Potter responded that the team includes the player they mentioned and they can tell how good he is and what he can deliver. He said they respect the fact that he is a member of a strong squad, club, and system.

graham potter

Many of Milan’s top players have been compelled to leave for the largest and wealthiest teams in Europe. They have lost Franck Kessie and Gianluigi Donnarumma in back-to-back summers because they are unable to financially compete with other teams.

Paolo Maldini, the president of San Siro, is optimistic that Leao would remain put despite a potential new contract. Maldini said that Leao has a raw talent and he recalled how he felt when Leao arrived at 20 years old. He continued to say that Those young men require assistance when they arrive and if there is a desire to extend Leao’s contract as well as those of Bennacer and Kalulu, negotiations must take place at the table. 

If Red Bull Salzburg loses in their match, Chelsea will move atop their Champions League group, giving them a chance to advance to the knockout stage.

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