It would take Chelsea years to get back to their feet because of Todd Boehlys mistake according to Gary Neville

Gary Neville talks about Chelsea's current situation

Gary Neville talks about Chelsea’s current situation

In May 2022, a group of Billionaires paid a total of 4.25 billion pounds to buy Chelsea. An American named Todd Boehly was the leader of the group which showed interest in buying the London club.

Rich businessman Roman Abramovich used to own the club, but he sold it after getting in trouble for his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin which was discovered during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Boehly immediately got involved in his new club. He replaced Thomas Tuchel, the german coach of the club that won the 2021 Champions League, earlier this season, Boehly was in charge of spending $250 million for new signings last summer. During this time about 9new players were signed to the club.

English football broadcaster Gary Neville thinks Chelsea’s behaviour during the last transfer window was not nice and could set the once-great London club back to the past.

Graham Potter, who took over for Tuchel, got Chelsea off to a good start, but the London team have lost all four of their last games, bringing them down from the top 4 to number 8 in the premier league table. They’ve also been eliminated from the EFL.

At the beginning of the season, Chelsea fans were mean to me, but what’s going on with the team doesn’t surprise him.

This task has all the makings of something that will take a lot of time to do. Given what happened at the start of the season, there is no doubt that the transfer window was handled wrongly. This is especially true when you think about how things were being done.

If Chelsea doesn’t do the right things during this transfer window, it could take them many years to get back on their feet.

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“The new coach Graham Potter is under a lot of pressure, it’s really not easy but I hope he can handle it. This is the end of the problems caused by former owner Roman Abramovich’s departure, the new owner’s entrance, behaviour, display, and the owner’s tour of Europe while he thinks he can play Football Manager. This is the biggest challenge of all, so I hope Graham Potter can make it.”

It doesn’t look like it works, and I’ve seen it before. I think Chelsea is one of the most interesting stories right now because they’ve always had a really nice, successful, and smart way of recruiting players.

Because they are a team like Manchester United, there are some worries. I also wonder what happened to the $250 million, since I think they’ll get better.

How did all that money help the team, and where did it go? It’s a quarter of a billion pounds. Chelsea needs to respond to a number of questions.

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