Gabriel Jesus blames himself for arsenal’s draw with Southampton and warns teammates about upcoming matches

Gabriel Jesus

Gabriel Jesus on Arsenals vs Southampton game

Arsenal star Granit Xhaka scored the first goal of the game which handed his team an early lead at St. Mary’s stadium, but despite leading the game with 1 to nil the Gunners were unable to take advantage of the situation by securing a 3 point, and Southampton was able to secure for themselves a point, all thanks to the goal scored by Stuart Armstrong in the second half of the game.

Gabriel Jesus, on the other hand, passed up two fantastic opportunities for Arsenal to expand their lead and secure their 3 points, and as a consequence, the Gunners have seen their points over rivals Manchester City at the top of the Premier League reduced to just 2. If proper care isn’t taken the Gunners could lose the number 1 position to Mancity in the next coming games.

Gabriel Jesus expressed his dissatisfaction with the outcome of Arsenal’s game against Southampton on Sunday 23rd Oct. “I’m unhappy, we’re all dissatisfied with the result today because we know our talent, and we know we could win the game today the way we performed.”

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“for sure, we slipped a little bit off our level, and now we have to bounce back because this league is the strongest and most challenging in Europe,” he said.

‘At the moment no one is happy, we have a more difficult time ahead, we have to be prepared cause we’ve got about seven games to play before the beginning of the world cup, so we have to stay calm and try harder next time.’

Gabriel Jesus

When Gabriel Jesus was asked whether he thinks the World Cup being placed in the middle of the season is a distraction, he responded by saying, “what I know is that I have to complete my work here at Arsenal.” I have to concentrate on this, and if my country contacts me, I will concentrate on the World Cup when it is time for it, but not at the moment.

“At the moment, I’m going to concentrate on Arsenal which I play for. Everyone has to come to the realisation that the World Cup has not yet begun, and that we need to concentrate on the premier league now.

As for now, I think we’ve dropped in our performance and level, we have slipped a little bit in terms of our level. I and my teammates are still at a very young age, so there will be moments when we need to be more concentrated. That is something that is going to happen periodically.

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We played well and produced lots of chances and goal-scoring opportunities, but we didn’t finish well despite all. I put the blame on myself, of course, it was all my fault since I had several opportunities to score today and if I had scored with those opportunities even if it was just a goal then we would have been the winners of today’s match.

‘As I was saying, there are occasions when football is hard, very challenging, and hurts. Sometimes you play well and create lots of chances, even dominate the game, but you don’t score and win the game.

‘At this moment we can’t do anything, it’s too late, we need to face reality, and get well before we can try again.

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