For the first time, singer Paul Okoye and his estranged wife, Anita, reconcile

paul okoye

Paul Okoye has reunited with his estranged wife, Anita Okoye, for the first time since she filed for divorce. When Anita Okoye filed for divorce the previous year, it came as a surprise to many people.
The release of the official divorce petition, which listed irreconcilable differences and adultery as the cause of the marriage’s irreversible dissolution, provided details about the marriage’s demise.

The pair had been together for ten years before getting married in 2014, and they now have three beautiful children. The news of their divorce came as a huge surprise to both families and close friends.
According to a source close to the couple, both parties will proceed with the legal settlement peacefully and be the best co-parents in the best interests of their children.

Anita Okoye filed for divorce in July 2022, and she brought him to court. Many people hoped for a reconciliation, but their expectations were dashed when Anita filed for divorce.

Despite their differences, Paul Okoye and Anita maintained their friendship for the children’s sake. Paul Okoye posted videos of him and Anita having fun with the kids on his Instagram account a few hours ago. It’s the first time the estranged couple has been seen together.

More Information about Paul Okoye

Paul Okoye (born November 18, 1981) is a Nigerian singer named Rudeboy. In the 2000s, he rose to prominence as a part of the P-Square duet alongside his identical twin brother Peter Okoye. Paul attended St. Murumba Secondary School in Jos alongside his brother Peter, Mr P. With his brother Peter, Paul joined a music and theatre group at his high school and began dancing and singing renditions of songs by MC Hammer, Bobby Brown, and Michael Jackson.

After the disbandment of P-Square in 2017, both band members explored independent musical careers. Rudeboy debuted as a solo artist in 2017 with the singles Fire’ and ‘Nkenji Keke.’ In 2019, his song “Reason With Me” received the most views on YouTube in Africa. He is the founder and CEO of Fire Department Inc, a music label he founded in 2019.

Paul Okoye married Anita Isama on March 22, 2014, whom he met in 2004 while studying at the University of Abuja. Their son Andre was born in Atlanta, Georgia, US, in 2013. Additionally, the couple welcomed two identical children into the world in Atlanta. His wife filed for divorce in August 2021 owing to irreconcilable issues with him.

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