Ex-Wife Overjoyed As Serial Killer Peter Tobin Dies

Ex-Wife Overjoyed As Serial Killer Peter Tobin Dies

Peter Tobin a murderer, rapist and paedophile was confirmed dead at the hospital. Peter is aged seventy-six (76) and he fell ill at HMP Edinburgh where he is serving three sentences.

Peter Tobin’s ex-wife, Carthy Willson ‘aged 52’ called him a monster and was relieved after she heard about the death of her ex-husband. She said he treated her like a slave.

Tobin was questioned by detectives while on his deathbed because they suspected he had more victims, after all, the questioning, he refused to admit to it. One of the detectives annoyingly called Peter Tobin a coward after saying he is taking his secrets to the grave and he termed him pure evil.

Peter Tobin

Peter Tobin: Ex-Wife Ms Willson Spoke With The Sunday Mirror

He was a monster and there is a feeling of relief that he is now dead, his ex-wife Ms Willson said this to Sunday Mirror. She said she met Peter Tobin when he was 24 and she was 16 years of age. Ms Willson admitted to being his third wife, although she fully knows her late husband love having power and control.

She continued that, everyone knows there were other victims and he could have made difference to the family grieving for their death by disclosing how many victims he had.

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Serial killer 'Peter tobin'

Before Peter Tobin’s Death

Tobin has raped a 23-year-old polish student in 2006 and he hid her body on a Glasgow church floor. Due to this grievous crime, Tobin was sentenced to life imprisonment for rape and murder. He had also murdered 15-year-old Vicky Hamilton, a school girl and also an 18-year-old Dinah McNicol in 1991. He is also sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime he committed.

17 years after he had committed the offence, the bodies of the victim were found buried in his former home in Margate, Kent. Currently, there are no current lines of investigation into Peter Tobin. The police welcome any kind of information correlating to his activities.

Peter Tobin

Peter Tobin: Detective David Swindle Speaks

Detective David Swindle led the investigation of Peter Tobin, he purported that the serial killer murdered more people. This is a coward who has taken his secrets to the grave, this he said to the BBC.

During Peter Tobin’s life, he had 150 cars and 40 aliases. The police spokesman said, his death is not treated as suspicious and a report will be submitted to the procurator fiscal.

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