Ethiopians Tigray Region Lacks Basic Medicine And Patients Are Dying Due To The Civil War Blockade

Tigray Region

In Ethiopia’s Tigray region, medics lack basic medicine and it is killing the patients. Tigray region is vastly known for the 23 months old civil war and the city is currently under blockade.

Dr Fasika Amdeslasie Speaks

Dr Fasika Amdeslasie speaks to the lack of drugs in the hospital. It is seen that he spoke in a devastating manner. He said; we have a lack of anaesthesia drugs, antibiotics, and intravenous fluid. In light of this, patients are seen to die daily yet their arms are folded.

Now, the patients are helpless even the doctors. The impact of the conflict in Tigray is highly devastating says, Dr Fasika Amdeslasie. He works at Mekelle’s main Ayder Hospital.

For the past two years, the Tigray region has been secluded from the rest of the world.

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Tigray Region

Tigray Region: 2020

The civil war began in 2020 when the federal armies try to control the region stemming from the TPLF (Tigray People Liberation Front). A blockade started during this period when the TPLF mounted a counter-offensive and this led to the re-take of many areas of Tigray in 2021.

Tigray Region: 2021

On 29th June 202, a man on a horse painted the colour of the flag of Tigray, styled himself as they celebrate the return of the armies of the Tigray People Liberation Front. This happened on the street of Mekele which is the capital of the Tigray region.

Tigray Region

Tigray Region: Civil War Has Caused The City

Banking services were stopped also deliveries, telephone connection was cut which made it impossible to call all anyone. The united nations purported that five point four million people around the quarters of the Tigray region need some kind of food because the fight has halted or stopped supplies. Even though the sick are not directly involved in the conflict, they are not secluded. The International Committee of the red cross and the World Health Organisation has sent some drugs to the Tigray region.

When fighting resumed in August, the supplies stopped completely which ended a five-month humanitarian ceasefire. Dr Fasika Amdeslasie tells the BBC Newsday programme that the Tigray region doesn’t have medicine for patients and materials for surgery. He continues that they don’t have vaccines for children and insulin to give diabetic patients.

All kinds of patients are suffering and still, we are calling them home without treatment. Drugs are not available to even treat cancer patients. Radiotherapy equipment can’t be gotten as it is in Addis Ababa. Since there is no equipment, patients are doomed to die.

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