England’s fans complain about World Cup rules of drinking, relationship and so on that could lead them to jail in Qatar

Wales and England’s fans complain about World Cup

The organisers of the World Cup are preparing for a much smaller number of British fans than they had in the past. Limits on drinking alcohol and rooms that have been called “shoeboxes” have stopped many people from going.

Predictions say that only between 2,000 and 4,000 England fans and between 2,000 and 3,000 Wales fans will go to Qatar for the world cup this month.

Several people watching have said they don’t like how expensive the housing options are, how strict the rules are about drinking and socialising, and how the weather condition there is very hot. Compared to other world cup tournaments, this one could have a much smaller crowd.

Wales and England's fans complain about World Cup
Wales and England’s fans complain about World Cup

The modest cabins, which will cost £230 a night and house tens of thousands of supporters in the World Cup from November 20 to December 18, have gotten a lot of criticism from the people in charge of Qatar’s tourism industry. But their unhappy fans have made fun of them by calling them “shoeboxes in the desert.”

With temperatures between 32 degrees Celsius, air conditioning is a must, and each of these sandboxes has an airconditioner and other amenities.

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Wales and England's fans complain about World Cup
Wales and England’s fans complain about World Cup

It is suggested that the total cost for fans to travel to the event, including airfare and lodging, could be more than $5,000. Qatar an oil-rich country is a strict Muslim country, so drinking alcohol is against the law, with the exception of a few high-end hotels and an open-air “fan zone” along the coast. Because of a “sin tax” on all alcohols being sold to fans during the world cup event, a beer will cost about £13 in the fan zone. During the semifinals and competition final, beer prices are expected to skyrocket to a shocking £80 in the best hotels.

Betting, and other public displays of love when not married, gay couples, are all illegal and could get you arrested. The same is true if you drink alcohol anywhere else.

Britain is sending about 15 of their experienced police officers to take part in the World Cup in Qatar. The offers will have to help their British citizens obey the rules and avoid anyone being jailed in Qatar.

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