Eastern city of Vladivostok: Russias security services accused

Eastern city of Vladivostok: Russias security services accused

Japan tolled forward that one of its diplomats has been blindfolded and restrained by the Russian security services. This happened in the eastern city of Vladivostok.

In the city of Vladivostok: Motoki Tatsunori

48hrs was given to Motoki Tatsunori to leave Russia. He was freed from custody on Tuesday after he had been accused of espionage.

Vladivostok: Allegation denied

A piece of secret information was received by Moscow about the country’s cooperation. It is revealed through the information that there was an unnamed Asian country.

The allegation brought against japan has been denied. Moreover, the country demands a formal apology from the people that accused them.

Motoki Tatsunori - Vladivostok

Vladivostok: Detentions

It was on Monday that Motoki was detained, this was conveyed by Russia’s FSB security service. The major reason for the detainment was as a result of soliciting information. This solicited information was about the impact of western sanctions on Moscow. Moscow had just passed through invading Ukraine which was in February.

It was revealed that a Japanese diplomat was detained red-handed when he was receiving classified information. It would have been if had received it with a pure mind, but he was seen to receive it in exchange for money.

The information is labelled about Russia’s cooperation with another region which was in the Asia pacific.

Japan said;

The detention of its consul for a mere political matter had violated the Vienna convention. This convention was on diplomatic relations which were carried out in an intimidating way. This was said by japan.

They continued by saying, the official was blindfolded and a lot of energy was put into holding him down, so, he was unable to move during his detainment. The chief cabinet purports that he was questioned in an overbearing way.

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The chief cabinet statement

The chief cabinet continued his statement by saying japan strongly protests these unbelievable acts. He said it was confirmed that the diplomat will be leaving Russia. This would happen on Wednesday after being declared persona non grata.

Japan opposition

Russia considered japan a hostile country because japan bluntly exposes the Russian invasion. The united states, the united kingdom and some other countries support Ukraine.

Dating backwards

Back in the day, it was seen that Russia and japan have a disagreement over territory. This feud is seen between them during the period of world war two.

Motoki Tatsunori - oil sales - Vladivostok

A brief view of the oil sales

It was seen that the countries in Asia are turning to Russia. This is a result of the discounted price of oil since its price in the market is hiked. Reliance on Russian energy will be reduced. This decision is about to be made by the western nations.

It was seen that India and China are buying a lot of oil. This was made known according to the shipping data.

The oil sales are ever-growing. Statistics have it that the bloc has sold a large amount of oil. It is stated statistically that one million plus barrels are sold per day.



The news today has it that Russian security has been accused of blindfolding and restraining diplomats in the city of Vladivostok.

It was said that the diplomat was pulled down with a lot of energy, and this made him unable to move when the detainment was ongoing.
Within the city of Vladivostok Motoki was told to leave Russia within forty-eight hours. He was set free on Tuesday. This came after he had been accused of espionage.

Secret information was said to be received by Moscow about the other country’s cooperation. The allegation held against japan has been rejected and the country demands an official apology Motoki was detained in the city of Vladivostok on Monday as stated by the Russia FSB security service. The solicited information received was about the impact of western sanctions on Moscow.

Moscow had just passed through the invasion of Ukraine which was in February. This stands as the reason behind Motoki’s detention. It would have been better if had received it with a pure mind, but he was seen to receive it in exchange for money thereby dragged into the mess. Japan bluntly exposes the Russian invasion which made Russia consider them has been hostile.

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