Dwayne Johnson Assures Fans That Black Adam Is Not Like Any of His Prior Roles

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In contrast to his prior performances throughout his career, Dwayne Johnson assures that his portrayal of DC Comics’ Black Adam would be unique. Following a lengthy history of interest in the role, Johnson will play the supervillain/anti-hero monarch of Kahndaq. The current release date for Black Adam by Jaume Collet-Serra is October 1, 2022. 

Dwayne Johnson Talks About His Role In Black Adam’s Movie

Teth-Adam is the ruler of Kahndaq and was given extraordinary powers by the wizard Shazam. Teth-Adam was created by Otto Binder and C.C. Beck for Fawcett Comics prior to the company being acquired by DC Comics. Black Adam shared the same abilities as the superhero Shazam, but instead of using them for good, he decided to use them for evil. This got him imprisoned until he was revived in the present day and turned into Shazam’s archenemy.


The Justice Society of America, who object to  Adam’s cruel, gory methods and darker morality and wish to turn him toward a noble path, is immediately drawn to Johnson’s Black Adam as he awakens from his incarceration in the Collet movie. Serra’s Johnson has highlighted how  Adam is unlike any other character he has portrayed by emphasizing the character’s harsher, more sinister nature.

According to GamesRadar, Johnson explained to Total Film that Black Adam differs from any previous character that viewers may have seen him play during his career. Johnson wanted to emphasize that aspect of  Adam’s moral complexity since the actor said it would be difficult for viewers to determine whether he is a hero or a villain. Although the character of Black Adam may contain characteristics that viewers would recognize as belonging to the actor, Johnson highlighted that it is a complete departure from any role he has ever done.

Johnson signed on to play Black Adam in 2014, although he has a long history with the character’s cinematic creation. Fans at the time were excited about Johnson’s first interest in portraying Black Adam, which he initially voiced in 2006. Producer Hiram Garcia revealed that Johnson had been interested in entering the superhero genre for some time in 2018 and that he had been both a good fit for the character and passionate about it. However, little would be accomplished for nearly a decade.

Johnson places a lot of weight on the role based on his extensive engagement during  Adam’s protracted transition from the page to the screen. Black Adam is a definite departure for the actor himself, who has typically played heroic, less antagonistic characters when in the leading role in his acting career. Collet-Serra promises a break from typical superhero origins, but Black Adam is also a clear departure from the actor’s previous roles. Fans of Johnson will undoubtedly be excited to watch the actor play a darker, more sinister character as Black Adam is finally due to make his live-action debut.

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