Dr Salihu Lukman blamed SAP on the ASUU strike crisis

ASUU strike

Dr Salihu Lukman points accusing fingers at the structural adjustment programme (SAP) as regards the ASUU Strike in the educational sector. He points out so many reasons the Nigerian students shouldn’t stay at home.

Dr Salihu Lukman argues with the News reporters in Abuja about the implemented policy when the then military president fall short in the funding of the educational system. The argument was so hot and he had to explain things further to buttress his points.

Lukman called on all the stakeholders to reason out a plan to deal with the crisis faced in the educational sector. It is such a pity that the ASUU strike has rendered many Nigerian students useless by being dependent on their parents.

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The parents who rely on salaries were delayed every month even if the government will pay. The students who are meant to be in school can’t continue school because of the ASUU strike and so, making it difficult for them to be fed.

Lukman faults the approach of the Academic Staff Union of the University, he says he doesn’t understand their demands. ASUU is not clear enough about what they want thereby he tolls forward his previous writing, he says it came out clear.

He said a return to the old framework that was destroyed by the International Monetary Fund when deregulation was imposed.

Lukman points out a few countries whose educational system is funded by the government. He made mentioned Germany, the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK). He furthers that no country advances through private educational sector funding.

Dr Salihu Lukman criticize the Babangida regime

The Babangida regime is what brought the educational sector to its current level today. He says his regime has escaped criticism from the public but he will never forgive such. Lukman advises that the way to look around this matter is not to throw money at universities. He further says he wrote an article on the ASUU strike when they come to an agreement with the federal government and they got ₦30 billion from the federal government, Lukman tosses a question forward after the ₦30 billion be spent, where would the next come?

ASUU strike is noted to be a destructive mechanism for the students, because, whenever ASUU resumes they get paid. Lukman said as far as he is concerned, the federal government is saving up for ASUU, so that when they resume they will be paid hugely. This strike is not helping the Nigerian students at all, it is a method to debar them from getting to their destination on time.

Lukman says it doesn’t matter if the Nigerian students are caught in the web of crime, he talks further that the ASUU is part of the government and that is the more reason quick negotiation has to be made even if proven difficult.

The ASUU strike is domineering and proper negotiations have to be made. People supporting the strike should spend their time outside of the classroom for one week, the life of Nigerian students shouldn’t be jeopardized as they can’t spend one month outside the classroom says, Lukman. He sees the Asuu strike as a waste of time for Nigerian students staying at home.

He feels discomforted knowing fully well that the ASUU strike will favour only ASUU. The struggle is not for Nigerian students but for ASUU.

Wrapping up

The ASUU strike is not worth it, this move only favours the ASUU and not the Nigerian students who are made to stay at home.

Dr Salihu Lukman points out that the parents are been overburdened with the feeding of their child who is meant to be in school. He notes that the agreement of ₦30 billion was signed in 2019, he released an article asking questions about what would be done after spending the money disbursed by the federal government.

He says that the ASUU demand is not clear enough, a quick view of his article gave a clear statement of any issue stated. He argues out with the news reporters at Abuja stating how the Babangida regime which the public has failed to criticize, has driven the educational sector to where it is today. The Nigerian educational sector should come into a hard negotiation with the federal government so that the incumbent ASUU strike will be called off.

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