I swore to keep my virginity till marriage, Drama as Ashmusy explains why she maintained her virginity


Amarachi Amusi, often known as Ashmusy, a famous comedian and social media influencer, has explained why she retained her virginity despite temptations. On her verified Instagram profile, Ashmusy posted images from her holiday in Ghana. She expressed joy at keeping a long-held pledge to be a virgin until marriage.

However, she sent an optimistic letter to her future spouse, urging him to be worthy of the promise. Ashmusy said, “I told myself that I would stay a virgin until marriage, and I’m so pleased I kept my vow, dear future spouse, I hope you are worth the wait.

Ashmusy’s announcement has generated controversy online, with some believing she was kidding. Nobody wants to marry a virgin again, wrote one Chidiadi. There isn’t enough strength or time to educate someone on how to accomplish anything. You mean us this year oo 2022 God I want this delight next year, wrote one Vintage. One Ebuka wrote, “You may call yourself  a virgin, but you have a son who is five years old.”


It was recalled that Ashmusy reveals how she nearly died while filming a comedy. She said that she nearly drowned while filming a scene in the water. I almost drowned in the sea, guys. My life suddenly flashed before my eyes as I was making stuff.

I was already falling before they could send me a rope to save me. I was only pleading with God to forgive my transgression and accept me into his garden of flowers.

“All that was going through my head was how much my mother would be crying. I once forgave everyone I was upset with. I was prepared to leave. “All I wanted was to be rid of the sun and meet God.” This life is strange ooo, so let’s not make it difficult for one another. Anyone, at any moment, is welcome.

I didn’t drown or die because I held a boat with the tip of my finger. She then admitted that she had to go to the hospital after being rescued because she drank too much-contaminated water.

More details about Ashmusy

Amarachi Amusi, popularly known online as Ashmusy, was born in Nigeria on July 25, 1995. With over a million Instagram followers, Ashmusy is a comedian, online company entrepreneur, social media influencer, content producer, and internet personality.

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