Dirty Water Causes And Effects

Dirty water

Sickness stems from dirty water and it has become an endemic factor across the globe. The cause and effects of dirty water on the human body will be thoroughly explained within the context of this article.

What does dirty water mean?

This is a question arising from the human mind to which we think we have an answer. Every individual recognises wastewater through a coloured water look. It is widely known that clean water is colourless and odourless. Any water that proves contradictory is dirty. In the real context, wastewater encompasses dry matter which is composed of water and contaminated by crops, cleaning materials, manures and so many other contaminants.
Since dirty water is made up of contaminated materials, it is purely unsafe to drink, anybody who takes this water is likely to fall sick.

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What causes dirty water

Many things can cause water to be dirty and there is just a slight difference between wastewater and clean water. Water becomes dirty if any of the following substances are found therein;

  • Germs: This is the major cause of dirty water. Germs can only be seen under the microscope and it has the ability to enter anything easily. Germs get into the water stream through its channel of distribution or water sources. Even after dirty water has been cleaned, there is still a high chance for it to become dirty water again.
  • Chemicals: This is another cause of dirty water. Harmful chemicals can have their way into the water flow or source through any means, especially by contact. Many people control unwanted grasses by spraying chemicals and also kill pests by spraying chemicals like herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and so on. If any droplets of what is sprayed enter any clean water, it becomes contaminated immediately.
  • Arsenic, radon and uranium: some soils are made up of this chemical composition. It is natural but any water from this soil type is contaminated.
  • Water pipes: This is another big cause of dirty water, cracks in water pipes give way to germs or any harmful chemical composition. Once the harmful chemical or germs enter the water stream, it becomes contaminated and should be avoided by humans.
  • Wildlife: Animals are good sources of meat and so many other things. As such, they can also be the biggest threat to human existence. Animal dungs in water can contaminate the whole water. Some animals even wash in water which may serve as a source of contamination for any other water. In this, humans can get sick drinking it unknowingly, because the majority of water sources are unknown.

Dirty water

What happens if you drink dirty water

Intake of wastewater is highly prohibited. Although nobody will stop you from taking dirty water, it stands as an individual wish to maintain good hygiene.
Many things can happen from taking wastewater,  but it varies and all dirty water hits the body differently;

  • Cholera: This is a type of disease that is transmitted through the intake of dirty water or contaminated food. It stands with the symptoms of vomiting, diarrhoea and so many more.
  • Dysentry: This is another type of disease transmitted through the intake of dirty water. Dysentry is marked by frequent stopping and the stools are often watery. In a day an individual with this disease can visit the toilet up to 6 times.
  • Typhoid: This is a popular illness known to many and is often caused by dirty water. It comes with the symptoms of stomach pain, consuming too many foods and so many others. Typhoid can lead to human death, and as such preventive measures should be taken.
  • Diarrhoea: This is another disease caused by drinking dirty water. It is marked by watery faeces discharge and this comes frequently.
  • Polio: This is another disease caused by the intake of contaminated water. It is a virus marked by no symptoms because many people with this disease show no symptoms. Its consequence is paralysis.


Dirty water has been a major source of illness and diseases for a very long time. The promotion of proper hygiene and safeguarding one’s health is highly important. Every disease/illness listed above can result in death if not properly maintained. Individuals should look after their health and maintain a kind of hygiene to prevent it. The body is fragile and as such humans should be careful of what they take.

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