Desola Afod Fights Troll Who Accused Her Husband of Infidelity

Desola Afod

Desola Afod, who claims to be the wife of Kunle Afod, recently had a muddy fight with a troll. The troll claims to be pregnant with Desola’s husband’s child.

Desola Afod Fights Online Troll

Kunle Afod already has an established reputation for jumping from skirt to skirt, and only he knows what he seeks in that quest. The troll also confirmed that Kunle Afod is an unrepentant womanizer. She threw dust at Kunle by calling him a chronic womanizer.

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Desola Afod, who found the comments and the revelation distasteful, decided to bring out her tools so there could be a full-blown scuffle with no side sleeping on a bicycle. She dared the annoying troll to make the accusations with her original account as the troll cowardly hid in a bot-like account to make those accusations.
Desola promised in her reply not to leave her husband no matter what happens and would only take up the case if the troll would use a face and name to make the accusations.

This is not the first time Desola Afod fights dirty online over similar accusations. Before the recent troll popped up, a troll had accused Kunle Afod of engaging in an extramarital affair. The troll mentioned that woman Afod was cheating with was in Ibadan, Oyo.

Desola went at the troll who made the accusations and again declared that she won’t leave her husband even if heaven would like to fall or falls. Desola has been on the defensive for months, battling accusations against her husband while the accused has said little or nothing to defend himself in all of this.
Popular blogs have published news of Kunle Afod being a chronic cheat, and many of the publications wondered how.

Desola Afod has been able to remain in the supposed marriage gallantly. Some praise her gallantry and resolve never to allow the accusations to get to her and protect her supposed marriage and children. Reacting to the ‘stupid bloggers and blogposts’ accusing her husband of extramarital affairs and her of shielding him, she put out a video where she and her husband were happy together.

Again, she used the opportunity to tell the world that she is fully committed to her husband, and nothing on earth will shake her or make her leave her marriage for those trolls. She alleges that the trolls are unnecessarily bitter and do not love seeing her happy. She maintained that she would overcome all of them in the end.

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