Danish Queen: Queen Margrethe II Covid 19 Report

Danish queen

News reaching the BBC holds that Queen Margrethe II has been confirmed to test positive for Covid-19. This was confirmed by the Danish Royal court.

Danish queen: Queen Margrethe II pended all appointments

The danish queen on Tuesday cancelled all her appointment for the week due to the covid 19 diagnosis that was made. The queen stands to be the Europes longest serving monarchy following Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Danish queen tested positive for covid 19: what happened?

Queen Margrethe II is 82 years of age and had to attend queen Elizabeth’s funeral on Monday. The guest that attended the funeral were 2000 in total. It is saddened that the danish Queen tested positive for covid 19 after her visit to the queen’s funeral.

Queen Elizabeth and the Danish queen were cousins and they are both from Queen Victoria. It was stated that the danish Queen has been vaccinated against covid 19. It is surprising to see the Queen test positive again since she tested positive in February of this year. It was evident as symptoms begins to shoot out bit by bit. Since she tested positive again, according to a spokesman she would be taken to Fredensborg Palace which is in the north of Copenhagen to recover her health.

Danish queen: The palace order

Crown prince Frederik who is the son and the heir of the Queen plus his wife “crown princess” will be the one hosting the members of the government (the duo will take the queen’s place), danish members of the European Parliament and the Danish parliament at the Friday reception which is at Copenhagen.

Danish queen

The danish queen pictured

Queen Margrethe II was seen at numerous events which were held in London to take cognisance of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. The queen was also pictured at the Westminster Hall on Sunday which was the ever of Queen Elizabeth 11 funeral. The danish queen and the crown prince pay her respects.

She was pictured at the same location the second day. It was recorded that she sat in the same lane as the queens and kings from other European worlds. It does not exempt prince Albert II from Monaco, King Philippe from the city of Belgium and King Carl XVI Gustaf from the city of Sweden.

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Condolence letter

According to the report made, a condolence letter was sent to king Charles on the death of his dear mother “the Queen”. In the letter, she gave out a lot of inspiration saying the queen was an elevated figure or person among the monarchs which are in Europe. She added that she stands as a great inspiration to everyone.
Queen Margrethe II was the first female monarch in Denmark dating back to 1972 when she was the age of 32. This happened after the death of her father whose name was King Frederick IX.

Queen Elizabeth II’s death significant

It was reported that two thousand guests attended the queen’s funeral. Among these people are the queens, kings, celebrities, prime ministers and so all. Her death brings to the fore so many dignitaries across the globe. The Queen’s funeral took place at Westminster Abbey.

Danish queen

Her death stands so significant with how the world behaved after her death and the kind of condolence messages everywhere. On the night of her departure, the queen’s death became a piece of trending news that everyone had to contribute. It was so heart-touching as websites had to put themselves unreached to honour the queen’s death. It was a sad experience that if remembered will bring sorrow to the heart of many.


Among the 2000 guests that visited Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, Queen danish was found. She came along to offer her condolences and to pay respect to her death. It was noted that she is also a cousin to the queen making the death of Elizabeth II heart-touching to her.

Unfortunately, after she visited the funeral of the queen, she tested positive again for covid-19. And it was reported earlier this year that she tested positive for the same. After the test, she had to cancel all her appointments at several places to recover. Although the queen’s death was a piece of shocking news, the Danish queen testing positive for covid is another big problem we hope gets solved sooner.

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