Dancers gravely injured at the Hong Kong boy band concert


Dancers were deeply injured at the Hong Kong boy band concert because a huge screen fell on them. It Is noted that two dancers at the concert were greatly injured, and fans were terrified as they behold the incident.

The giant screen landed on one performer before moving on to others, the video footage can be seen circulating online. It is such a horrific incident. The music concert was immediately stopped by the band’s manager and he asked the crowd to calmly exit the area.

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The police came into the arena and confirmed that two male dancers were hospitalised, this was broadcasted through the local press. A performer suffered a neck injury, he was in critical condition while under intensive care in the hospital. Those who suffered injury have not been named.

Many female concert attendants were also treated in case of shock. Before the incident, the mirror had been performing since Thursday night at the Hong Kong Coliseum as part of a series show. The government of the city has ordered the remaining show to be put on hold until people’s safety is ascertained. John Lee sympathized with those people injured, in his statement he said I am shocked by the incident and I expressed my sympathy to the injured people and he concluded that he hope they will recover soon.


The event shocked the fans and some of them were rushed to the hospital, the concert this time was so terrifying. It is noted that the dancers did not see the incoming giant mirror but were swiftly entertaining their fans with joy on their faces. It is a sorrowful thing to behold the event.

The Hong Kong city executive ordered that a proper investigation should be made into the incident. The mirror is widely in the city and they are greatly credited for their performance. The group comprises members that are greatly recognised in Hong kong today. Among its members are celebrities recognised in Hong Kong.

The mirror dancer’s history

The mirror is a Cantopop boy group formed through ViuTV’s talent show. The show’s name is “Good Night Show – King Maker”. The popular band was formed in 2018 and since then they have recorded success thereby reaching audiences across Asia.

The mirror is recognised as one of the driving forces in the cantopop genre. Ignited was their 2020 single which won the top ten songs of the year at the chill club music awards.
Another single which was released by them was warrior which ranked 1st in the ultimate 903 tables for two weeks, this is the first song to perform to that extent after 15 years of no song ranking. Members of the group have also performed on their own and they have also performed in various drama series, films and reality shows.

Wrapping up

The incident shocked the fans that behold the event. It is noted that two dancers were greatly injured and were rushed to the hospital. The event was communicated by policemen to the local press.
The event was saddening and John Lee sympathized with the people. He prayed that they recover quickly.

Meanwhile, the event going on in other locations was paused until the safety of the locations is ascertained.
The police were asked to investigate the matter well to know every detail that happened in the event. Those injured have not been named.

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