DaddyFreeze Tackles Nigerian Ladies Without Big Behinds

DaddyFreeze Tackles Nigerian Ladies

DaddyFreeze tackles Nigerian ladies again. This time, in a controversial video, the radio personality has given his thoughts on the extent ladies go to look attractive just for men.

DaddyFreeze Tackles Nigerian Ladies Without Big Behinds

Daddy Freeze is known for his outspokenness and uses social media to air his views on most issues. He is very popular on Instagram due to his takes and the controversy surrounding them. The internet sensation made a comment on his Instagram which suggested that women that do not possess enough curves now do a lot to make up on their faces to make up for the curves they lack.

As DaddyFreeze tackles Nigerian ladies without ass, this new tackle has now been added to his many controversial takes. He stated that fine faces in this age and time are not enough to attract a man or even keep him locked.

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“These women who lack curves start acting out a lot to make their features appear more attractive by using foundation to erect two houses on their faces. A lot of insults and praises have flowed in as DaddyFreeze tackles Nigerian ladies without ass. But Freeze is used to being on the receiving end and might not get bothered about the attacks.

Let’s be real; in 2022, a fine face won’t work. The only thing that works now is being a complete package. And if you are not the complete assemblage, the small things you have, you can use them to sell yourself. You should stop judging others.”

After DaddyFreeze Tackles Nigerian Ladies, He Goes For Yul Edochie

As he is popularly called, Freeze had also reacted to Yul Edochie’s recent tirade on social media. Yul, another controversial actor, has made it a duty to update his fans on his polygamous family. Freeze believes that the popular actor backstabbed his wife’s love and confidence by impregnating and marrying one of his colleagues.

DaddyFreeze, while commenting on the issue, didn’t change his stands on polygamy/ Freeze believes polygamy is not a crime. He also compared Yul’s lifestyle to Regina Daniels and Mercy Aigbe, who intentionally went into a polygamous marriage.

The controversial OAP said that many African religions accept and encourage polygamy but maintain that polygamy is for the rich. He supported his claim by bringing up Ned Nwoko as an example. He argued that Ned is a wealthy man and can afford to be a polygamist since he can maintain his wives.
DaddyFreeze also stated that Yul cannot afford luxuries and shouldn’t be involving himself in polygamy.

He made it clear that the money Yul is spending now on his second wife could have been spent on his first wife and her children, but with Yul marrying a second wife, that has been slashed. He then advised Yul Edochie to keep his marital life off social media. DaddyFreeze stated that the regular updates on his marriage his hurting his first wife – May.

Nigerian women who understand the personality of the controversial OAP will be less worried when they see that DaddyFreeze tackles Nigerian ladies again. Some of these ladies have said they know how to handle him.

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