Current time in Nigeria: Past Attorney General Uwemedimo Nwoko speaks on the 2023 presidential elections

Current time in Nigeria

The current time in Nigeria ideally pops a question to the mind of the people “is the two parties presented for support worth it?”. The senior advocate of Nigeria, activist, life bencher and past attorney general (Uwemedimo Nwoko) speaks on the matter in-depth.

He begins by saying the current time in Nigeria tells on Nigeria politics which is all about money and buying of votes, it has become the choice maker in deciding winners of elections. Mr Nwoko asked the question what are your fears for the 2023 general election”. He continued by saying if political parties can’t sort out internal democracy to give space for good people to emerge, he says we are going on a ground to be defeated in the 2023 elections.

The current time in Nigeria foresaw the masses are going into the election without credible people to pick from. The major problem comes from the political parties which chose in place of money politics. All the votes of delegates were purchased. He made mentioned Bola Ahmed Tinubu by saying is he a good choice.

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Current time in Nigeria: who is better?

He referred back to Atiku, was he the best option? he then says, if it were to be on merit, none of them would win but now, we have driven ourselves this far.

He pinpointed a question, what do you want Nigerians to do? since the law says individuals must choose from the available candidate? Emphatically, there is no way we can get it right. Nigerians are not old enough for an individual to come out as an independent candidate, he is not going to win since money is the daily call-out, they have no mind of their own. He believed the current time in Nigeria has made soiled almost everything.

He likened the electorate to a wheelbarrow that is pushed and cannot take an ordinary decision on its own. He described the electorate as being purchased and controlled not outing into consideration his future. When money is offered, they are all deviated from their standpoint. At the current time, Nigeria gives the money in exchange for rights.

The country knows the kind of Leaders it wants but they aren’t available because they don’t have the platform to stand. The current time in Nigeria shows Individuals that they know the kind of leader that should be voted in, but the system doesn’t give room for them.

People needed in Nigeria are not the one that is recovering the money he spent on getting the presidential ticket. People are in search of integrity and quality. People Nigerians are looking for do not have the right platform to step out. The current time in Nigeria, reveals the culture of vote buying. It has fully emerged into the people, it is now the order of the day. It is right there in the political internal processes of a party, we cannot deny it.

Mr Nwoko says we are still operating a satan-monitored system. He sights an example of the two major parties in Nigeria. He periodically says none of the candidates who won was based on merit. The win is bought, so there is no lesser evil between the both of them. The 2023 situation will be harsh, as Nigerians are put to test of whom to choose since they are not different from one another.

INEC is the only institution working very hard to improve itself, he said he doesn’t know other institutions doing well. The institution is trying to create a framework that is credible enough for electoral processes.
The police is another institution that needs strengthening, the structure of our political system needs to be amended and sharpened. The current time in Nigeria pinpoints that the economy is getting weaker and we must look into it. At the current time, Nigeria faces a loan of 90%, which makes the economy weak.

The educational sector needs to be checked, unending strikes have been the order of the day. We need to build functional structures at the political level. The current time in Nigeria levied up all the sectors, now we are at home for months.

He said we are running a call for the legislature, where the president can say call me the senate president, the speaker and so on. The legislature he said, has no respect for the executive. He points out so many things and ended his interview on corruption. He says we can only get out of corruption when corrupt individuals are removed. People who had integrity and cannot be easily compromised should be brought into play.

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