COPAG hastens the National Assembly to track legislation on dispersed voting


COPAG urges the National Assembly to track legislation that will allow Nigerians to disperse voting. If disperse voting is allowed, Nigerians will be able to vote in the 2023 presidential election.

The group is also known as ICCAG (International Coalition of Certified Atiku Groups). The group is under the administration Vik-Morrow Ulo, Kanayo Gbemudu, and Princess Falade. Vik-Morrow Ulo shows his concern as the constitution did not give provisions for diaspora voting. In the diaspora general election in 2023, Ulo said the group has put efforts into strategic planning and making Nigerians participate in the election.

Vik-Morrow Ulo says that the 2023 diaspora election would be done through a scheme named Diaspora Supports for Grassroots Mobilisation and Sensitization in Nigeria. Since there are no provisions in the constitution for diaspora voting, COPAG will take up the responsibility to build solidarity so that participation could be encouraged in the 2023 general election.

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The plan is to make everyone participate in the election so that the required output can be seen. The COPAG as seen is the first group of Atiku that is officially recognised since 2018.
A brief point to the meeting is picking up the youth leader in the PDP in the United States Daniel Akeni as the director general of COPAG.

COPAG: Ulo Statement

Ulo pinpoints the fact of promoting Diaspora support for the grassroots mobilization movement for the victory of Atiku in the 2023 general election. Ulo further explained that Daniel Akeni’s appointment was for the fact that he was recommended.

Daniel is the newly appointed United States leader of COPAG and he campaigned previously for Adeleke in the United States and Osun state. With his support, Adeleke is now the Osun State governor. Many people collaborated with Atiku’s coalition so that he could win the coming election. People like Patrick Killpatrick, Michael Adegoke and some other stars supported his movement. Ulo said all this support are given so that he could win the election.

Daniel Akeni would contribute greatly to a diaspora in the elections and he will bring in the diaspora support through mobilisation. Ulo expressed his innate feeling while uttering this thoughtful statement.
Maximum support has been given to Atiku from Akeni because he is delightful in how he is positioned for the forthcoming election. He says he promises Atiku his full support for the 2023 coming election.

The coming election is going to be a great one as Atiku has gathered his supporters right from outside and inside the country. The COPAG movement stalls on the diaspora movement that is believed to give maximum good output in the coming election. Preparations for the coming election are gravely high, Atiku believes that he will win the election. With the strategy on the ground, winning is not far from him as his supporters are moving tremendously.

People are with the opinion to see what will happen in the election, a sure thing is known that there won’t be bloodshed because the INEC are urged to strategize and move pari passu with the security officials to blend in security moves to safeguard those who come out to vote.

Without the full support of the people during the election, no candidate is deemed worthy to win, full participation in the election is of great importance. Campaigns are generally ongoing as the COPAG is moving to see to the win of their candidates. Full support of the people is sought. The COPAG shipped in a strategy that will scale their party upwards in the 2023 general election.

Wrapping up

COPAG has urged the national assembly to track legislation that will allow Nigerians in the diaspora to vote. If this scheme is successfully implemented, all Nigerians will be allowed to vote during the 2023 general election. The constitution, on the other hand, does not give provisions for diaspora voting but efforts are been made towards its implementation in Nigeria.

Daniel Akeni is explained by Ulo to bring victory for their party because of how he emphatically involved himself in the campaign of the Osun governor which foresaw him as the winner. Such practice is demanded from him this time around. The COPAG movement will establish a winner scheme for its members.

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