Commissioner for careers and security matters joins the APC


Rt col. Garba Moyi the commissioner for careers and security matters has left the PDP to join the All Progressive Congress, this statement is appended by a special assistant Malam Bashar Abubakar. This took place on Sunday in Abuja.

The commissioner moves to APC for a reason

Following the report of the News Agency of Nigeria(NANS), this news came not more than 24hrs after the local government chairman and Alhaji Salihu Kalanjeni left Peoples democratic party for the All People’s congress.

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Alongside eight counsellors and two ex- counsellors left the PDP to APC not excluding kalenjeni. Kalenjeni pinpoints how Garba Moyi was accepted into the All Progressive Congress by Wamakko. The commissioner resigned from the People Democratic party and the state executive council. After Moyi was received, he was commissioned to work hard so that the APC in Sokoto and the state at large win the coming general election in 2023.

This is a great task for him and he holds the right to complete the task as to the mandate demanded of him. He knows the process may be a tough task for him and he is prepared for it. Garba intentionally joined the winning team “APC” before it was too late. The APC has a strong force Bola Ahmed Tinubu and he believed that APC will do it better. Joining the APC was a bit shocking, people didn’t expect such soon.

With the commissioner’s hand in Sokoto, it is a sure win for the APC cause Garba knows the strategy he will use to do such. The charge given by Wamakko is to work hard to ensure the win of the 2023 general election in the Sokoto senatorial district.

Garba serves as a stepping stone or base point for APC to achieve its intended goal. The goal of the party is to work together with a united hand to win the coming election. The coming election is a game that must be played well so as not to see themselves defeated.

The action of the commissioner pinpoints a sacrifice for the greater cause, to sustain the common goal of the party. To ensure success is assured in every party, they must work hard and see to its success. The commissioner coming is seen as a strategist that will take into necessary opinions and execute an action.

Nigeria’s decision next year is a mandate that will help save the country from the iconic suffering citizens are passing through. The suffering Nigerians are undergoing is not limited to corruption but food scarcity, economic downfall and so on. Nigerians need to pray for a better Nigeria.

What baffles me is the action of the commissioner to leave the People’s Democratic party and join the All Progressive congress. Although, he did it to the best of his interest, what happened underground may not be known but still, he has the right to express himself in any way.

The commissioner’s move shows how effective he could be because he left the opposition party before anything else arises. His attributes foretell how best he can rule. Everyone wants to be part of a big team but the problem is that it is not everyone that wants to work for it.

The move of the APC is a standardized one since it is strategically. We thereby live in a world where our future is determined by our work. Work is the effort put into anything to achieve a substance, without work promotion is not ascertained. The commissioners are ready to work as seen.

In other to trust the commissioner, they had to wait and it was announced that he left PDP. People say the 2023 general election will be sweet and challenging. The zoon Politikons involved are highly influential. A contend for power is a work that must generally be carried out.

Wrapping up

The commissioner has left the PDP to join APC, and that decision is made out of his best interest. He is committed to working towards the party name and working hard to win the general coming election.
The commissioner should be aware that the APC party in question is not just a name but a builder team to achieve a particular purpose. Since they have discovered their purpose, circle around how it can be promoted.

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