Bukayo Saka Sheds Light On Arsenal Contract Talks Following Mikel Arteta’s Forecast

bukayo saka

Bukayo Saka is enjoying life at Arsenal and is getting more confident that he will agree to a long-term contract with the team. The international player for England currently has two years left on his contract and has not yet received compensation for his important contributions to Mikel Arteta’s team. Even though there have been rumors linking him to Premier League rivals like Liverpool, the Gunners manager recently said he had no reservations about him signing a new contract.

Bukayo Saka Excited Being In Arsenal

Last week, Mike Arteta, Arsenal’s manager said that he was quite certain that as a club, Bukayo Saka, Bukayo’s family, and agent, everyone is very much aligned with what they want to achieve.”Now it’s time to write it down on paper.” he said.


According to Arteta, he would like to have that done because he doesn’t want the player or anyone else distracted throughout the season, but he knows these things take time.
The 20-year-old has also supported his manager’s stance on the talks, claiming that his friendship with Arteta is a major factor in his desire to put pen to paper. Regarding the probability of a new pact, he responded, “Obviously, I share his optimism.

The Arsenal player said that he feels like the manager is always there for him, and knows when to speak to him(Bukayo); he (the manager) doesn’t say too much or too little, and the various pieces of counsel he offers him (Bukayo Saka) are unique and make a big difference.
He continued that he is comfortable there and can truly sense the support from his teammates, coaches, and supporters.
Bukayo Saka is a member of the young, energetic Arsenal team that is leading the inaugural Premier League season. When they play ailing Aston Villa at the Emirates on Wednesday night, they will be the only top-flight team with a perfect record, and they can make it five wins in a row.

bukayo saka

After a disastrous start to the new season, Villa manager Steven Gerrard is facing immense scrutiny and will be keen to see a response from his team. In the rematch from last season, Aston Villa treated Saka differently, prompting the forward to want additional protection from the authorities.

Bukayo Saka has acknowledged that increased attention would be a constant part of his experience going forward and that he must learn to deal with it in front of the meeting with the Midlands organization.
With the fan base as unified as it has been for a couple of years, the Gunners will have a boisterous home crowd supporting them against Villa. We are unable to say anything further other than that it is a fantastic start, but we are aware of how challenging it is, Saka continued. We’re excited to perform in front of our supporters once more.

“We are absolutely in love with everything about it. We have more energy as a result, and every time we experience that enthusiasm, we are delighted to play here. Because of the additional support from the fans, we feel more united as a team.

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