Bruno Fernandes Gives Hint On Cristiano Ronaldo

bruno fernandes

Bruno Fernandes has stated that he will be delighted for Cristiano Ronaldo regardless of if he departs Manchester United. After the club missed out on a Champions League spot the previous season, Ronaldo, 37, wants to depart Old Trafford before the transfer deadline on September 1. On Monday night, Ronaldo was benched for the 2-1 victory over Liverpool, and new manager Erik ten Hag’s choice to do so turned out to be a wise one as the Red Devils earned their first victory under the Dutchman.

Bruno Fernandes talks About Cristiano Ronaldo’s Transfer

Fernandes, on the other hand, participated in the thrilling victory for the full 90 minutes, following which he clarified the saga behind his star teammate’s transfer.


The best person to discuss it, according to Fernandes, is Cristiano. “There are a lot of rumours, but Cristiano is the best to talk about it,” Eleven Sports Portugal reported. I could have a few things to say, but I won’t. “Cristiano is composed. He worked efficiently this week and completed the tasks he had been assigned, as he will do going forward.
He now plays for United. I am unsure of whether he will depart or not. He will speak shortly, as he promised, and they will have time to hear what he has to say.

bruno fernandes

“I don’t believe anyone has yet demonstrated a lack of interest in Cristiano leaving. He may keep playing well and provide us with more goals, but that is his choice. We must accept his right to pursue his goals, no matter what they may be. “If he chooses to stay, we will be happy; if he departs because he thinks it is best for him, I will be happy for him. The most crucial thing is that he is healthy, performing at his peak, and representing our nation with pride.”

Ten Hag argued that Ronaldo, who was substituted in with just four minutes left in regulation on Monday, does have a role to play this season despite being dropped for the thriller in which United may have given their finest performance of the previous two seasons.

“I believe he can adjust, and he has in his entire c career and under several managers,” the Red Devils manager said after the game. Why is it that he can’t do it again? His age is irrelevant. You are excellent enough when you are young, and when you are elderly and still deliver the enactment, you are also good enough.”
Ronaldo’s next appearance for United will be against Southampton on Saturday at 12:30 p.m.

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