Bovi defends his daughter in the face of outrage for her nasty behavior


Nigerian comic Bovi Ugboma has defended his daughter, Elena after she got widespread criticism for speaking rudely to the comedian. Bovi had posted a video of himself reprimanding his daughter for watching television while her brother and wife prepared. An enraged Elena said that she wasn’t ready for the drama and that she would listen to his voice.

When Bovi chastised his wife for indulging her, Elena pointed out that she was the same lady who spanked him.

Elena, you can’t be here like this when your brother is cooking.

Elena: Alright.

Bovi: How does your brother know how to cook and you don’t?

Elena: Okay, I said, I’m not ready for your drama, but I’ll go and help.

Bovi: Who is causing the drama?

Elena: You’re a drama queen when you don’t know how to cook.

Bovi: Who said I didn’t know how to cook?

Your mother is pampering you by not teaching you to cook.

Elena: Who ruined it? The same woman who spanked me.

Many others were offended by her statements, viewing them as impolite. Bovi defended his daughter, claiming that she was only being expressive. According to him, his daughter was simply speaking freely, which does not imply indiscipline. He saw how many people believed that speaking confidently was disrespectful. Bovi showed how many people have been triggered because they were mistreated as children and have confused being vocal for being disrespectful.

“My, how the times have changed.” However, after reading all the comments, I’m certain that people only see what they want. Those who thought it amusing may know their lives are in emotional harmony. 
They could understand that speaking freely does not always imply indiscipline. And we were essentially on a cruise. Those shocked remember that we were conditioned to believe that speaking confidently is disrespectful.


As a result, asking an older person “how are you” or “how nau” is considered impolite in certain locations. Up, Cher. You’re triggered because you were mistreated as a child and mistook being outspoken for being unpleasant. That is not to suggest that children cannot be disrespectful. She wasn’t being rude, though, in this instance. “Be happy!”

Bovi Ugboma nearly got into trouble with his wife, Kris Asimonye, after his daughter leaked information about him. There’s no disputing that Bovi has a bright and brilliant kid who isn’t afraid to flaunt her abilities. Bovi and his daughter had a lovely time connecting after her studio session. Elena Ugboma had a freestyle session with musician Slimcase during which she revealed a shocking fact about her father.

Bovi had made fun of his wife, Kris Asimonye Ugboma, by calling her ugly. Bovi joked that his wife was so unattractive that she relied on him for the children’s attractiveness. “Because your mom is so unattractive, she had to rely on me for your beauty.” Elena Ugboma stood up for her mother and gave her father a massive clap as she criticized him for ditching his ex-wife.

She was prepared to leak dirt about his ex-wife, with whom he had broken up. She said, “Let’s go see your other wife you broke up with because it’s your wife you’re disrespecting.” she remarked. Bovi covered her lips and dragged her away before she could say anything further. Celebrities and fans alike were moved by the charming video.

Timi Dakolo, Warri Pikin, Denrele Edun, Ruth Kadiri, Falz, and other celebrities weighed in. It was recalled that Elena, Bovi’s daughter, had a fascinating talk with her mother, Kris Asimonye. The mother and daughter discussed their physical characteristics, and Elena was irritated when her mother characterized herself as unattractive. Elena was eager to point out that if she (Kris) was ugly, she (Elena) had to be. The child explained that when a mother gives birth, half of her physical characteristics are given to the newborn.

Kris, on the other hand, cut her daughter short by remarking that she was unattractive and inherited the trait from her father’s town. Elena retaliated, claiming that her mother purposefully married from Bovi’s village.

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