Blessing CEO: Why I opened up about my cosmetic surgery

Blessing CEO

Media personality and relationship expert Blessing Okoro, aka Blessing CEO, has explained her reasons for opening up about her liposuction procedures, simply put, cosmetic surgery.

Blessing CEO disclosed her appearance on Vanguard’s online TV show, Lunch Date with Vanguard. During the show, Blessing CEO pointed out that she invested in her looks and gave herself a rebirth because it’s a critical factor in the entertainment industry.

Blessing CEO says:

Let me tell you the truth: ‘bum sells, disregard the noise; the amount of attention I received within one month following liposuction was huge.’ Nigeria’s problem is that we are hypocrites who live in denial. Do you notice how much traffic I get every time I discuss my bum? How come they both have the same complaint?
You should go to the hospital and see if any women need this liposuction; it’s a whole rebirth. I saw men bring their wives to the hospital where I was being treated.

Blessing CEO says it is more straightforward than before regarding how she feels following the treatment.
“It was easier than I had anticipated.” I believe they put fear into people and say many things about them. I even assumed it was something severe. As I was doing it, I realized how simple it was. That is why I intervened.

Blessing CEO said, they removed the fat off my back and tummy; as women, we are constantly dealing with back folds; I had two children, so I have this slight bulge on my stomach; even when I went in for this treatment, the doctor indicated that my body is perfect, but I know what I want.

In show business, no matter how much noise you make, they see you before they know you, so if you want to stay in the spotlight, you have to look a certain way; for me, it was for my career and myself, I still want to look beautiful and young, and when I see beautiful actresses in their 40’s looking good, I always remember that there was a need to maintain my looks. Blessing CEO stated


I’ve never opposed women from getting liposuction; all I’ve ever said is, don’t do it for a man. Many people feel that liposuction is only done for guys or for ‘runs.’ She highlighted that younger girls have messed with the liposuction narrative, saying that when you do lipo, people believe you’re doing it to please a man and that those who have liposuction for a man’s purpose are still offered breakfast (Cheated on).

There are so many myths and misconceptions about liposuction that some people wonder if you can have children after the procedure. They will not enter your womb. Others will wonder if one can have sex after the process because the operation is not done near the private portion; Blessing CEO said this demonstrates the people’s inexperience and concern on the subject.

The only thing about Lipo is the discomfort, not the anguish; it’s comparable to pregnancy in that you don’t lie on your stomach but instead rest on your side.

After lipo, you don’t typically rest on your back; the ideal method to sleep with your tummy is to stand and move about for about three weeks since they’ve transferred fats to your buttocks, and sitting will inhibit the fat.
After three weeks, one is OK to go; you then start to sit on a lipo cushion, which allows you to sit on your thigh and extend your back.”

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