5 Best Launcher for Android That You Should Try Out Today

Best Launcher for Android
5 Best Launcher for Android That You Should Try Out Today – There are a ton of Android launchers available. Here is our comprehensive list of the top launchers for every user type. Thanks to its openness, Android is a very flexible operating system, and one of its best features is the simplicity with which you may change your app launcher. Users can access many levels of customization and personalization thanks to this.
So, in our quest to compile a list of the best launcher for Android available, we have selected the essential ones and all the top app launchers. With the best launcher for Android currently on the market, we have you covered whether you need something simple to theme to your heart’s content or a launcher for business to keep your job on track.
Your Android phone can be configured as you like. This customization flexibility can give your smartphone a new look and provide you with more control over several aspects. Launchers are the best method to customize an Android phone. Your smartphone’s launcher can alter not just how it looks but also how it behaves. It can alter widgets, page transitions, iconography, and much more to enhance usability.
Which option is best for you, though, with so many options available?

Here are our 5 Best Launcher for Android

1. Niagara Launcher

Best launcher for android – Early in 2021, the Play Store released the Niagara Launcher out of beta, and it saw some success over the last year. Because its program list slides vertically, line by line, Niagara is a simple launcher with excellent usability. You can easily operate your gadget with one hand now. Additionally, the app list is adaptive, putting the apps you need right at your fingertips when you need them. That’s especially helpful for apps like messaging and email. There are no adverts and the launcher is free to use. Naturally, you’ll need to pay money if you want to access Niagara Launcher’s full feature set.

Best Launcher for Android


2. Before Launcher

If you want a straightforward launcher that doesn’t get in the way Before Launcher is a great option. It is one of the best launchers for Android and calls itself a basic launcher, with each app shortcut only being a phrase displayed on the screen. Changing the wallpaper and a few shortcuts is about as far as customization gets, keeping things straightforward while providing room for a few tweaks to keep things interesting. Therefore, Before Launcher is definitely worth a look if Niagara Launcher didn’t quite do it for you but you’re still searching for something that can be easily used.

3. Square Home

Square Home, one of the best launchers for Android that has been available since 2016, may not be well-known, but it is undoubtedly a user favourite among those who appreciate simple, easy-to-use designs. You may scroll either horizontally or vertically, which is convenient, and widgets are supported, so you can certainly fill every available square inch of the screen with all kinds of practical shortcuts.

After a 14-day trial period, the launcher is free to use. If you like what you see, you can unlock the complete app and its premium features. Therefore, whether you enjoy simplistic designs that are easy to use, enjoy Microsoft-style app launchers, or are just searching for something a little different, this is for you.

4. FLauncher

All of you Android TV users out there, particularly those who despise commercials, should read this. FLauncher is an open-source launcher for ATV devices that provides your apps with a recognizable grid layout without any advertisements. Since Google insists on forcing advertisements onto all ATV devices, changing the home screen is undoubtedly a solution to this annoying issue.

Best Launcher for Android

Although it’s disappointing that Google restricted our ability to modify ATV, you can remap a button on your control to call up this launcher, much like you would when pressing the home button, which is a handy solution. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to select this as your default launcher. As a result, FLauncher is a nice addition to today’s launcher roundup even though Google has restricted our ability to set third-party launchers as the default on ATV. This proves that Android developers are still committed to giving customers what they want. This is indeed one of the best launchers for Android.

5. Lawnchair 2

If you want something that is similar to standard Android but far more configurable, take a look at Lawnchair 2. It is based on AOSP’s Launcher3 software. Although the Play Store listing is still not been updated since 2019, the app still functions flawlessly despite the complete lack of touch navigation capabilities. The good news is that the developer is constructing a new launcher that is based on Launcher3 from Android 12.

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