Behold your queen with beauty entombed – May Edochie celebrates her birthday

May Edochie

Today, September 16, May Edochie Yul, the ever kind and lovely first wife of actor Yul Edochie, is a year older. Despite her husband’s second marriage, the brand influencer and mother of four has let nothing bring her down.

May Edochie shared stunning images with the title ‘Queen’ to her name and thanked God for giving her a queen with enrobed beauty. ‘Behold your Queen, enrobed in splendour.’ Today is my birthday, and I am Queen MAY YUL-EDOCHIE.  May Edochie shared stunning images and added the title ‘Queen’ to her name, and thanked God for giving her a queen with enrobed beauty.

‘Oh, Lord, I’m grateful for an extra year, as well as your lavish grace, mercy, and blessings in my life. You even elevated me to the status of queen. I thank you very much, Lord.’ May Edochie was astonished when Anita Joseph openly lavished her with affection as they anticipated her birthday. May and Anita are both Kenora Apartment brand ambassadors. Anita raised donations for May Edochie’s charity in her support. The fair-skinned influencer had stated her ambitions to establish a foundation to help those in need.


Furthermore, in collaboration with the corporation, they established a spot for admirers to drop off presents for her. May, caught away by her thoughtful gesture, expressed her gratitude.

She expressed her gratitude by writing.  From endorsement deals to being recognized by celebrities and fans, invited to top events, verified on Instagram, and even receiving presents from followers. May, without a doubt, is living the crucified life.

May Edochie Yul gets a new title on her birthday

May celebrated her birthday by posting numerous stunning images of herself on Instagram. May Yul Edochie, the mother of four, still used her husband’s surname when she introduced herself. May will undoubtedly receive much love and support from her fans and colleagues as she celebrates her new age. In preparation for her big day, her fans, colleagues, and brand companies had gone above and beyond.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the company, the location for fans to drop off gifts for her. May, taken aback by her thoughtful gesture, posted the video on social media.

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