Andy Carroll Chose A Unique Shirt Number In A Heartfelt Tribute To His Daughter

andy carroll

Andy Carroll will wear jersey number two against Reading since his children chose it to honour his daughter’s second birthday. On Thursday, Andy Carroll, 33, signed a four-month contract to re-join Reading. The former England international’s contract with West Brom terminated in June, leaving him without a club. He scored two goals in eight league appearances while on loan at Reading during the first part of the previous season.

Andy Carroll Talks On Why He Chose No. 2 Shirt

Andy Carroll chose to wear the No. 2 jersey even though strikers don’t typically do so since his kids urged him to. After the Championship team Reading asked the seasoned forward if he preferred the No. 2, No. 20, No. 26, or No. 27, the experienced forward made the touching selection.

Andy Carrol asked Reading if he could tell them in one hour. He continued that his kids were in school and they get to choose when he picks them up.  After that, Andy Carrol declared his preferred shirt, to which Reading enquired if he was certain with the shirt number Two he chose.


Andy Carroll answered that his kids chose the option and they chose today because it is the second birthday of his daughter and they held the reins of power.

Andy Carroll has five children with The Only Way Is Essex actress Billi Mucklow. He is best known for playing for Newcastle, Liverpool, and West Ham throughout more than ten years of his Premier League career before moving to the Championship.

Andy Carroll expressed his happiness in returning to Reading by saying that he felt happy being there. He continued that the Discussions with the club began six weeks ago, so he just kept himself in shape while he waited to be prepared to come in and train and hopefully sign the contract, which has now been done.

andy carroll

According to Andy Carroll, he had spoken with the manager [Paul Ince] on the phone a few times, and the manager wanted him to arrive a little earlier than this, but the manager wanted to make sure he was prepared and able to enter the building and enter the field right away. He also said he arrived there on Monday and has been working out ever since. 

Paul Ince, the head of Reading, said that It makes him very happy that Andy is here and a striker of his caliber naturally provides them strength and a tenacious presence at the top of the pitch, and he is sure it will result in goals. He continued that Andy’s entrance also gives them another powerful voice in the changing room and off the field as well as on it, he is a leader.

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