Alhaji Isa Rijau pleads to extend Voters Card Registration in Nigeria

Alhaji Isa Rijau

Alhaji Isa Rijau, a chieftain of all progressive congress (APC) in Niger, has pleaded with INEC to extend the date of voters registration. He said that a period of extension will allow more Nigerians to vote in the 2023 elections.

The chieftain (Alhaji Isa Rijau) explained himself, stating the eligible citizens intensified efforts to register for permanent voters cards. He saw that there was an appeal to the INEC by the electorate to extend its registration date, authorizing them to register. This point should be considered by the officials.

Alhaji Isa Rijau, therefore, put in a statement that “I appeal to the commission to extend voters card registration continuously before the 2023 election”. Furthermore, he acknowledged that the then deadline had been extended. He then appeals to the officials for consideration for further extensions.

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If registration is not extended, the chieftain foresees lots of people who would not be allowed to vote. The extension, he termed necessary as this will help build public trust toward participation in the 2023 general election.

Alhaji Isa Rijau statement: Extend the voter’s card registration period for massive turn ups in the 2023 general election

Alhaji Isa Rijau observing mechanism is in favour of the coming election. Without a proper registration period allowance, he knew people wouldn’t come out to vote.

Many Nigerians are struggling to get continuous voters card, but it is difficult due to queue, distance and a lot of issues surrounding it. An average Nigerian would find it difficult to go out to vote when he has a voter’s card. Come to think of Nigerians, if he doesn’t have the voters card, taking a sure nap will be the best.

The 2023 election is an ample opportunity for Nigerians to choose wisely and not to act to money dictate. Nigeria needs a qualified leader who is ready to work for the nation, not someone who wants to loot the little Nigerian economy heaped up.

Alhaji Isa Rijau understands the importance of the voters’ card and pleads with INEC for further extensions. He knew they had given an extension before, but for Nigeria’s future to be better, he needed to ship in a plea. Nigerians are in the hope of INEC agreeing to this because so many people have not done the voter’s card.

Ignorance shouldn’t be used to stall away people from voting. Voting is a general right enshrined in the constitution that even citizens of Nigeria enjoy. The 2023 election should be stern towards free and fair. Citizens should disrupt favouritism amongst their chance of pick.

Alhaji Isa Rijau says citizens should bare it in mind that anyone picked now will determine where they will be in the next four years. If a wrong leader is picked, we are all going to suffer, and discretion should be paramount. Staying away from tribalism should be the central goal, and voting for a leader with justice and integrity should be the focus of the citizens.

A shift in the base should be placed side by side with money, and money should be a priority but towards a better Nigeria. Nigeria is a country where the rich gets richer, and the poor remain poor to the advanced level. A quick pool on this phrase gives how important the presidential election is to us.

Nigerians are filled up with educated individuals. Amidst them, we have professors, mathematicians, doctors and more, just name it. Still, we are faced with high illiteracy, giving money a gradual edge over individual rights.
The present situation purports they fall in Nigeria currency to the dollar, this has hiked the price of goods and services. Just a step outside your room costs a fortune, and it is expedient if things are positioned in the right way.

Wrapping up

Alhaji Isa Rijau pleads with INEC to extend the period of getting the continuous voters card. Pinpoint the future of Nigeria, and he breaks down why it needs to be extended. Alhaji Isa Rijau acknowledged the fact that it was extended before but because of Nigeria’s future, he asks for an adjournment in date. All he seeks is a better Nigeria and not a divided country.

Alhaji Isa Rijau knows an average Nigerian will give a flimsy excuse for not voting but with an extension, they will have enough time to get it so that the right choice could be made. A better Nigeria is what we hope and pray for. The 2023 election will be extraordinary with an extension in voter card registration.

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