Alexander Dugin daughter was killed in the Moscow bomb

Alexander Dugin

Putin’s ally daughter has been killed near Moscow. Durya Dugina gave up the ghost when the car exploded in flames while journeying home.

Alexander Dugin is a Russian philosopher, popularly known as Putin’s brain. The bomb explosion was aimed at him, but according to social media, Durya Dugina, his daughter died after her car exploded in flames. Alexander Dugin is believed to be close to the Russian president and he is marked by his prominent ultra-nationalist ideologue.

Alexander Dugin decided to travel separately for his daughter at the last minute. Alexander Dugin and Durya Dugina were coming from an event on Saturday evening in the same car according to the news report from Russian media outlet 112.

Alexander Dugin watches the whole scenario in shock as emergency services arrived at the scene, this was seen in a video on telegram, showing Dugin. After the scenario, there has not been an official statement from Russian authorities. Dugin has been branded as Putin Rasputin, despite not holding a position in the government.

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Durya Dugina was a known journalist who supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine. She was called to order by the United Kingdom authorities, who accused her of casting false news, as to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The philosopher’s writings are deeply credited, moulding Putin’s global view. He has expressed his full support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He was sanctioned by the United States in 2015 for his reported participation in Moscow, taking over Crimea in the year 2014. More so, it is without a single doubt that the death of his daughter may be a result of the support he gave to the Russians for the invasion of Ukraine.

Alexander Dugin was sanctioned by the US

Alexander Dugin is said to be completely associated with the crisis in Ukraine. The Russians said, they can’t fantom the new sanction wave issued.

Sergei Ryabkov informs the news agency that he does not see anyone in what is happening recently in Ukraine and this kind of action. The United Nations was displeased with the Russians and in retaliation, they issued sanctions against them. For misappropriation of the Ukrainian asset Mykola Azarov and other two, Ukraine personnel were sanctioned.

Alexander Dugin

Alexander Dugin told Russia’s authority to attack Ukraine so that they could maintain their moral authority. The asset of the biggest bank operating in Crimea was blocked by the united states. The united states are planning to send help to Ukraine including drones. Durya Dugina landed her death when a bomb exploded inside the car she was in. It must be noted that her father may perceive something that wants to happen, thereby, allowing the both of them to travel separately.

The decision made saved the philosopher’s life. The philosopher is going to be passing true a lot after beholding the scene at which the bomb blasted. This is a tough experience for Alexander Dugin, I hope this doesn’t start another war between the states.

Wrapping up

Putin’s ally’s daughter died in a ghastly bomb incident that should have taken the life of the pair. No one knows the reason why Alexander Dugin changed his mind and travelled separately. Footage seen on Telegram describes how Alexander Dugin was shocked when he saw the whole event.

He would like it if it was him it happened to. Although Dugin did not hold any government position, he was close with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president. Dugin was sanctioned by the president of the united state for being the brain behind the Ukraine invasion.

He said that Ukraine should invade so that they would maintain their moral authority. His daughter supported the Ukrainian invasion and released news based on it. The United States sanctioned her for casting a piece of fake news. Her death was a sudden one that shook her father to his bone marrow, as indicated in footage on the telegram. Although it wasn’t a piece of verified information by BBC News.

The United States is now planning to send to Ukraine including drones. The United States is displeased with what Russia did and in retaliation, the United States sanctioned them, although they said the sanction wasn’t clear enough.

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