Al-Khelafi Plans to Sell PSG for 600 Million Euros

Al-Khelafi plans to sell PSG

Al-Khelafi Plans to Sell PSG

The president of Paris Saint-Germain, Nasser Al-Khelafi, has already gotten three offers to buy minority shares in the club since he said he was open to the idea.

In an interview with Talk Sport, Nasser Al-Khelafi said some of the following things: “We don’t have any plans to sell the club. But instead of doing that, why not give some percentage of the club away? In fact, we are thinking about many different options (…) People talk a lot about Paris Saint-Germain, and they think we just have money and spend it. That is not at all the case. If you own a business, you have to make a financial investment. We paid 70 million Euros for the club, but it’s worth almost 4 billion Euros on the market right now.

Before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, the news was already out there, and it looks like it will be official by the end of the year. The owner of PSG is getting ready to sell some of his shares in the business.

Three investors are in talks as Al-Khelafi plans to sell PSG

Ben Jacobs of CBS Sports says that Nasser Al-Khelafi has already gotten three offers to buy a minority stake in Paris Saint-Germain, two of which are from the United States. These investors are willing to spend up to €600 million.

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“PSG has been told about three official bids for the club’s minority shares. Two of these people are from the United States. At this point, the talks are going in the right direction. PSG was bought in 2011 for a total of 70 million euros. If Al-Khelafi sold 15% of the company he would get 600 million euros.

The number of shares sold probably won’t be exactly as high as was predicted before, but it will still be at least 10%. Details are still being worked out. PSG’s work with QSI is still going on. When you sell a share, you’re not giving up; you’re just looking for a long-term partner. The British writer went on to say that his sources told him that, in addition to investing in Braga, another European club would probably be added to the multi-club in 2023.


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