Air France Flight 447 Crashed, Outrage As Airline And Airbus Plead Not Guilty To Crime

air France flight 447

228 passengers including crew died in the air France flight 447 crash. This was made known at the court trial which opened in Paris, the courtroom was so silent as the judge read out the names of the victims. This case has been in existence since 2009 and the court trial was on manslaughter.

Chief executives of Air France and Airbus plead not guilty to the crime and offer their condolences. The action taken by these people led to innate anger in the victim’s family.

air France flight 447

Air France Flight 447 Crash: What Happened

Right from Rio De Janeiro to Paris, flight AF447 was on track overnight. The flight disappeared off the radar in Paris while in the middle of a storm over the Atlantic region dating back to 1st June 2009. The plane fell off the sky (11,400 meters) in 4 minutes and 24 seconds and there was a stall warning 75 times according to the cockpit recordings.

The plane pitot tubes I.e speed sensors were alleged to be iced up which turned off autopilot thereby sending confusing information to the crew and setting off a disaster in the cockpit. The 2009 case marks the first that companies would be held accountable after an air crash. Lawyers of the victims as fought their way into the court and made sure the matter is presented.

Nevertheless, the decision made in 2019 set the case aside I.e it was abandoned. This is because the investigator couldn’t establish the guilty and so the case was overturned. Airbus and Air France denied the allegations that their negligence caused the crash, nevertheless, Airbus blamed the pilot for the crash while Air France alleged that the alarms confused the pilot.

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air France flight 447

Air France Flight 447 Crash: Days After The Crash

After some days after the disappearance of Air France flight 447, debris was spotted on the ocean surface. Before this was found, it took almost 2 years and a sum of 31 million euros for the search to locate what remained of the plane after the crash on the sea.

This will help them recover black box flight data and voice recorders. For BEA (France’s air investigation agency) to start any investigation, those things mentioned afore must first be seen.

Daniele Lamy Said

We have waited for as long as thirteen years for this day to come to life and we are prepared for a long time says Daniele Lamy who has a son on the plane.

A lawyer ‘Sébastien Busy’ had warned against sidelining the families during the court hearing. He said it is a trial where the victims must remain the centre of the debate.

Airbus and Air France shouldn’t turn the trial into a conference of engineers, he told Journalists.

air France flight 447

Air France Flight 447 Crash: The Trial

Air France flight 447 crash is indeed a total mess, nevertheless, the trial will centre on a key question “why the flight crew of three with more than twenty thousand hours of flying experience failed to understand when the craft lost its balance and was not rising but falling?”.

After this question was dropped, the BEA responded that the crew responded to the icing problem incorrectly and they also did not have the necessary training to fly manually at a high altitude after the autopilot stopped working. The flight director’s display on the flight highlighted inconsistent signals which have been redesigned to switch itself off in such circumstances to avoid confusion.

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