Quit or remain loyal! Abdullahi Sule tells disloyal appointees

abdullahi Sule

Quit or remain loyal was the harsh word issued by Abdullahi Sule during a meeting with his appointees in the government house. The governor issued the harsh word to about 200 political office holders that attended the meeting.

Worries have emerged after the choice of the running candidate for the presidency, “Bola Ahmed Tinubu”, because of the person he chose as a running mate (Muslim-Muslim). This has been a lot of worry for Abdullahi Sule. He was more worried about the subdued grumbling and disloyalty among his appointees. This seeming look is an indicator of anti-party activities. Engineer Abdullahi Sule issued a strict warning to his political appointees.

After the choice of Senator Kashim Shettima as a running mate for the general election in 2023 by Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the party members expressed their reservations towards his choice and the feasibility of Abdullahi Sule’s second term request.

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Since Senator Abdullahi Adamu became the party’s national chairman, there was a crisis among the party stakeholders. The crisis is on the ground already, apart from the issue of the same faith Presidential ticket. A little information was disseminated about the governors’ support of Senator Tanko Al-Makura against Adamu. Later Senator Tanko Al-Makura was pitched against by the consensus, and they favoured senator Adamu and made him the incumbent chairman.

Abdullahi Sule -Quit or remain loyal! Where is the problem coming from

Something fishy is amidst the party. Some members suspected a plan against Abdullahi Sulewhen Labaran Maku, the National Secretary of All Progressive Grand Alliances, returned to PDP suddenly. This action fueled a high suspicion of a scheme.

Maku served as a deputy governor from the start date of 2003 to the ending date of 2007. This was during senator Adamu’s second term as the governor. Maku’s move to PDP drew attention to Adamu, who may be plotting to make things difficult for Sule. Fear arise that with Maku, who contested Nassarawa governorship and also decamped to PDP, governor Sule would meet a difficult task trying to defeat the PDP who combined their forces.

The issue on the ground was solidified after the Muslim-Muslim ticket that was moved forward by APC. The problem provokes more dominance as the population of Nassarawa state contains Christians, Muslims, and animists. Governor Abdullahi Sule called his lieutenant to meet at the government house. This is to show a bold move. The governor said he had no intention of firing anyone. He chose his words well but in a threatening way.

Loyalty is called upon to play its part. He is scared of his disloyal visitor. After the call, he addressed the affected members to be loyal and change their ways; if not, they could leave the role. He pointed out that his rule will no longer tolerate a situation where appointees will work on a cross basis with one another. It is now evident that some of the people in his administration do not see themselves as part of it but gave their loyalty to an outside government.

Abdullahi Sule spills that he doesn’t want to fire anybody, but he believes it is essential to ask people to change their ways or remain loyal to the government. If this could not be obliged, he asked them to quit. This he did as a show of respect to his members.

He speaks further that if he is not loyal to a person, it is reasonable for him to quit working with the person. He sincerely asks for resignation from people not faithful to his government. He asks them to be human to do the needful.

Abdullahi Sule gave his words on the presidential candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the exercise of continuous voter registration. He opined that the northern governors’ forum stood against a northerner as a presidential candidate for APC to make sure the presidency shifted to the south after his reign.

Wrapping up

Remain loyal or quit is the resounding word from Sule after he felt his appointees are disloyal. He no longer feels their support for him, especially after the choice of Bola Ahmed Tinubu to choose a Muslim as a running mate. Abdullahi Sule called a stakeholder meeting and issued a word to all appointees to quit if they were not interested in his administration. He gave them a resounding warning to respect themselves and be quiet. He said he wouldn’t want to fire anyone.

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