A 5-Year-Old Girl And Her Dad Were Killed In A Petrol Station Explosion When They Were Buying Birthday Gift For Mum In Ireland At County Donegal

petrol station explosion on ireland

Robert and Shauna Garwe were among the 10 people that were killed in a petrol station explosion in Ireland at county Donegal in the village of Creeslogh on Friday.

The 5 years old girl and her dad were buying a birthday cake to mark the child’s mum’s birthday when the explosion happened.

Investigations have been launched and they suspected that a gas that leaked accidentally ignited the blast. When the explosion happened, three storey building that housed the station shop was flattened. 13 years old son James Monaghan and Catherine O’Donnell ‘age 39’ were also named among the dead people. The community has been plunged into a nightmare of shock and horror, says the local bishop.

The duo has been queuing for the shop’s post office desk after James Monaghan finished school of the day. Leona Harper ‘age 14’ died while buying ice cream from the petrol station shop, after which she planned to sleep over with friends.

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petrol station explosion on Ireland at county donegal

Anthony shared a picture of his sister as he paid tribute to her on social media. He is so heartbroken and heavy-hearted. He wrote that I don’t know where to begin ‘Leona’, he said he couldn’t have asked for a better sister. He continued by saying, he love her so much, he knew she would get angry knowing fully well he is using her old picture.

Death At The Petrol Station In County Donegal: Garwe Family Friend Speaks With Mailionline

It was heartbreaking, she is just a little girl, a friend to the Garwe family said to MailOnline. She continued that she had gone to the shop with her dad to buy the kid’s mum a birthday cake and there, the explosion caught up with them.

The mother of the child is down, not only her but the whole family. The kid involved had just started school. County Donegal is a small village and this incident hits us so hard.

petrol station explosion on Ireland at county Donegal

Petrol Station Explosion In The Village County Donegal – Five Other Victims Spelt Out

Five other victims are Martin McGill ‘age 49’, James O’Flaherty ‘age 48’, Hugh Kelly ‘age 59’, Jessica Gallagher ‘age 24’ and Martina Martin ‘age 49’.

petrol station explosion on Ireland in county Donegal

County Donegal: Rugby Club Put Some Words Together

The rugby club also pays tribute to Leona “the talented player” who stands to be an important member of the U14 girl’s team.

The Rugby club said to Leona’s parents; we offer you our deepest condolences and support. They said, there were no words that feels strong enough for a moment of deep sorrow.

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